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Everyone saw the tummy start to swell and knew that the family of their friend, colleague, family member, brother or even their married son should receive a bundle of joy. The EDD (expected due date) is fast approaching and you have been invited to the baby shower to celebrate the expected joy.

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With such enthusiasm you did itYour baby shower gift(s) are ready, and now you wonder what to text an unborn baby for a baby shower. You want to express your joy in a sensible way and send baby shower congratulations and greetings to your loved ones that touches your heart.

You just clicked on the right post. Here you will find the perfect baby shower wishes, card text, baby shower text and congratulatory messages that touch the heart. No matter who you are and how connected you are to the mom or dad-to-be, we have something to help you with what to text an unborn baby for a baby shower.


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Texts for baby shower cards

Maybe your gift is ready and you need to save a nice baby shower card. Here are some short baby shower card texts to send your congratulations.

Sometimes texting an unborn baby for a baby shower doesn't have to be that lengthy. So for this session, we made quick notes for a baby shower card for those who want it short and poignant.

1. Felicidades por tu baby shower.

2. Let's take a shower. The baby is on the way.

3. Waiting for the arrival of our King/Queen. Congratulations.

4. I can't wait to see your priceless jewel.

5. Have a great baby shower and hassle-free delivery.

6. Wait for a treasure to arrive. I wish you a sweet delivery.

7. Greetings to the expected princess / prince. We can't wait to welcome you to a beautiful world.

8. To a precious flower, reaching a precious family, for a precious livelihood.

9. Congratulations to the future mom and dad. I can't wait to meet you little angel.

10. Congratulations on your upcoming baby. We hope your family is blessed with a bundle of joy soon.

11. We are happy for you, because you expect a good addition to the family. Have an amazing baby shower.

12. Congratulations to the family on the blessing of a beautiful gift. Happy birthday to the baby to come, for blessing a wonderful family.

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baby shower captions

What to Write to an Unborn Baby for a Baby Shower: 100 Examples of Wishes and Captions - plumcious (1)

1. Congratulations while waiting for your prince/princess. Congratulations again. Soon you will raise a champion.

2. May your baby bring more light into your world. Congratulations.

4. I congratulate you on your baby shower while waiting for your joy.

5. Babies bring joy. Congratulations while you wait for your baby.

6. Expecting a baby means a lot to motherhood. So today I congratulate you.

7. A king/queen is about to be born bringing hope to our world, congratulations.

8. I wish you all the best as I await this amazing and precious gift from you.

9. While you're waiting for your baby, get ready to make some noise! Greetings, dear. It is a matter of joy.

10. I am so happy for you honey. Your belly will soon turn you into a mummy. Applause!

11. Happy birthday to you while you're waiting for your baby. Welcome to a new chapter.

12. Congratulations to your dear friend. Enjoy the pleasant surprises that babies bring.

13. Congratulations! You fell in love in front of everyone and then you fell on the bed when no one was around. Here comes the result.

Greetings for Baby Shower

1. It drops quite a lot of joy, a baby to cuddle all night, see you soon.

2. I'm so glad to shower with you. Greetings, as you wait for your unborn baby, we can't wait to see the pretty face of her.

3. All the best to you and your upcoming baby. May the baby bring you more joy and happiness.

4. An angel comes to call you daddy and mommy to share love and reward you for your work. More smiles and laughter as he waits for his baby. Happy baby shower.

5. A new beginning emerges. Your pumpkin is very close. Be happy, it's your baby's party. I wish you more new things ahead.

6. A small creature is about to become big and powerful. Much love from me to you as you wait for your newborn baby.

7. So excited to shower with you darling, have fun ahead. Sweet baby, lots of love and care from me to you.

8. Our bundle of joy is coming. We look forward to your arrival.

9. Such a beautiful package on such a beautiful tummy.

10. Thank you for inviting me to your baby shower, let the celebration continue.

11. Thank you for bringing us a baby to cuddle and love. I wish you the best as you shake your baby's butt.

12. Your lucky little package will be here soon. Have fun at your baby shower and wish her peace for the future.

13. I know that you will both be good parents. Your unborn baby is already proud of you.

14. Hello little angel. I've waited so long to be an uncle. A little more time to wait.

Congratulations messages and quotes for baby shower.

What to Write to an Unborn Baby for a Baby Shower: 100 Examples of Wishes and Captions - plumcious (2)

1. Whether it is a boy or a girl, may your baby bring happiness, joy and peace, and also fill your heart with joy. You are lucky because God is about to bless you with a precious gift.

2. A little angel will come soon to create more beauty on earth and bring more smiles to parents and loved ones. May your life be filled with more joy and laughter while you wait for your baby.

3. As God is about to bless your home with a newborn baby, may the blessings last forever. When your baby arrives, may he be full of beautiful stories.

4. The joy of having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Very happy for both of you. Congratulations.

4. Have a great baby shower celebration. As we wait for your baby, no matter what the bump story, let the child's glory shine beyond borders.

5. The days until your arrival seem so long; I can't wait to have you with me baby

6. Oh baby, you're the reason we party. Our hearts are full of love for you as we await your arrival.

7. A star comes to light up the world. We can only imagine the smile on her face as we celebrate her arrival. Oh honey, we all want to share our love with you.

8. Honey, you are precious, quirky and priceless. Soon we will welcome you to a world full of laughter. cheers mom

9. OMG I can't wait to see what your baby looks like. I am so sure that she will be cuter than you. Congrats friend.

10. The sun must stop and the moon must stop because it's your baby shower. We are excited and we cannot contain our joy because we are waiting for someone special, someone we love, with whom we cannot wait to share our love.

Baby Shower Wishes for Boys

1. A boy, a warrior, a king comes down the road; we celebrate it.

2. We hope you come with more light of joy while mommy and daddy are waiting for you child.

3. The little boy is very close. Amazing parents can't wait to meet you, boy.

4. A boy on the way as handsome as his father. You have a loving father, I tell you. Come healthy and laughing.

5. We wait for our king; Your precious crown can't wait to be worn.

6. The world is getting busier with the arrival of an incredible warrior. Baby on the way. Welcome to our world, little one.

7. You are about to have the most handsome boy in your house, how lucky for you. Life gets brighter while we wait for you, boy.

8. In anticipation of our king. Our hope for a better change.

9. Here comes a child to brighten dad's smile.

10. I know you've been waiting for someone to kick, it's coming soon. Just don't kick it too hard at first.

11. The prince is coming soon. The king and queen can't wait to see you. Your arrival brings us better luck, little one.

12. While waiting for our heir, he comes in peace and in good health.

13. As you wait for your baby, I pray for a safe delivery. Wait for your prince. May it bring peace and more laughter to your home.

baby shower wishes for girls

1. Our beautiful rose, we can't wait to see you. You will have the most beautiful parents.

2. Waiting for a lovely baby girl, as attractive as her mother, your lonely time is over, enjoy your shower darling.

3. I hope you have headbands for your little girl and lots of Mickey Mouse toys. We're wrapping up a bunch of pretty pink dolls while we're waiting for you girls.

4. In anticipation of our princess, your precious princess seat is there for you.

5. Here comes a girl to light up mommy's face.

6. Waiting for a girl to share the mirror with; I know that it is as delicate as wool and precious as the flower. See you soon.

7. The princess is coming soon. The king and queen can't wait to see you. We hope you come with more light of happiness, my daughter.

8. I can't wait to go shopping with my little niece. Girl in motion. Very happy for you, big sister. Life gets cooler while we wait for you, girl.

9. We got you pink dresses, little queen. I can not wait to see you.

10. I am waiting for you, dear girl. Also, many beautiful gifts are waiting for you.

11. Waiting for my Queen, a flower with a special aroma that cannot be ignored.

12May your arrival bring more happinessfor us girl

13. Welcome to our world princess, your girls are waiting for you.

What to write in a baby shower card from grandparents

1. We look forward to our precious jewel. We are looking forward to her coming.

2. I want you to know that your grandparents love you and are looking forward to seeing you.

3. Our first grandchild on the way. We'll get the title - Grandma, soon. We await your arrival.

4. We know that you will touch each other with love and tenderness. We have always imagined ourselves around you. Come make our dreams come true.

5. Hey honey, we are retired. We have our job description. We start as soon as you arrive.

6. Grandma can't wait to see you. Life will be more amazing with you, my sweet grandson.

7. Thanks in advance for making us proud grandparents.

8. If we celebrate today, we will celebrate you even more when you come, baby. I can't wait to spoil you with lots of toys, grandson.

9. Waiting for the gifts of our God. A precious gift that is about to fall on us.

10. You are for us at this age like a precious flower waiting for you, dear.

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expect baby wishes

1. Soon you will be a teacher, a counselor, a babysitter, a cook, a cleaner and many more, don't worry, there is more joy in having a newborn baby. As you wait for your baby, may it come to you and your family with great splendor.

2. Your coming makes us happy. May the joy continue when you come.

3.Expecting a babyCome with the celebration, let the celebration continue.

4. As the delivery time approaches, I wish you a happy and safe delivery.

5. Lots of hugs, kisses and affection from me until the bump. May your baby come with joy and happiness.

6. The load is about to be released. When our baby arrives, there are sure to be even more reasons to celebrate.

7. I am so happy for you that you are about to be added in number. You will continue to wait for more additions, dear friend.

8. I can't wait to meet you baby. Safe delivery dear.

9. Being called a mother is one of the best things in the world. Best wishes as we await her arrival.

10. Greetings, our baby will arrive soon. Don't worry, she comes in peace.

11. A very special rose is about to fall on your home; keep calm while you wait.

12. Keep calm, your jewel will arrive soon.

13. The whole world is waiting for you baby. Your mother can't wait to be young again.

14. Pregnancy is a mystery. While waiting for the secret to be revealed, we send you our congratulations.

15. I hope to see your king soon, may he come in good health as expected.

I am sure this post has given you the best examples of what to text an unborn baby for a baby shower. It is a collection of the best baby shower wishes and card texts available.

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