What does the clock tattoo mean? | represent symbolism (2023)

Time has always been something that people care about. We all only have a limited amount of time in this world. Everything in our culture is based on time. Be at meetings at a set time, pick up the kids at the same time, get an hour massage and pay for your parking by time. Everything we do seems to revolve around time, so it is not surprising that the object that marks the time is a popular subject for tattoos.

What does the clock tattoo mean? | represent symbolism (1)

The concept of time is important to people for a variety of reasons. It's a very versatile idea, so you can imagine that people will use a clock tattoo in very creative ways. Mentioned in poems, stories and films, clocks influence our daily lives. The clock is a symbol with a lot of symbolism and if you are on this page you are looking for more information about clock tattoo meaning.

You may be surprised that there isn't just one clock tattoo meaning but many. The clock tattoo has been popular for a while but now there are hundreds of different designs to choose from and many meanings to use.

In this post, we are going to talk about the meaning of clock tattoo and what it means for people who get the image tattooed on their body. There are also many variations of the clock tattoo as you can be very creative with the image. We're going to talk about the meaning of some of these different variations and whether the images change meaning. The information in this post is designed to help you make a more informed decision about your next tattoo.

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Clock tattoo meaning

The clock most obviously symbolizes the passage of time, which in itself can be a very ambiguous image. Someone who loves history might get a tattoo for this reason, or use it as a reminder that time is not infinite. It's also not uncommon to use this meaning when you want to remind yourself to make the most of life.

The style of the clock should be considered to convey the most appropriate indications for the tattoo. Any type of clock, from a sundial that could represent an ancient soul or ancient wisdom, to modern day digital clocks, perhaps to show love for technology and development. They are a representation of the time and era in which it was developed.

Clocks have a long history in human civilization and will have different meanings depending on the time. For example, someone might get a clock tattoo that shows a very old clock, which could mean he or she is an old soul. A more modern clock tattoo could be part of a larger tattoo design or simply represent that the owner loves the look of modern pieces.

In addition, the time represented in the clock image is also an important aspect as the symbolism changes with different hours and minutes. Perhaps the clock hands are not included, adding a sense of timelessness to the image. The absence of hands portends disregard for the passage of time and carelessness, which can have a positive or negative effect. A timeless clock rendered in a standard round "alarm clock" style with a bell at the top could represent a protest against a highly organized and predictable life.

A clock tattoo meaning that has been used for a long time is “freedom”. Instead of looking at the clock as a reminder that time is passing, some people see it as a symbol of freedom. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, with every tick of the clock, and they want people to know. When using this clock tattoo meaning, owners usually choose to keep the clock hands out of the image.

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Clock with specific time tattoo

If the owner of a clock tattoo includes the hands of the clock, then the time probably has an important meaning for them. An older watch model from an earlier era with a time set could serve as a reminder of a loved one who passed away. A clock could symbolize the specific time of a child's birth or any other special and memorable event. Getting this tattoo can represent an important moment in your life and make the time stand still with this tattoo. This moment in time was already important to you, but you will certainly not forget it when you have time engraved on your body forever.

Dark clock tattoo

A darker meaning of the clock tattoo is mortality. Someone who gets a clock tattoo for this reason either loves death tattoos or wants to convey the message that they are focused on getting as much done in life as possible. Even though this has a slightly darker meaning, it could still be considered an inspirational tattoo as it helps the owner get more out of life.

While some people consider this tattoo to have a darker meaning, it can also be a celebration. Many cultures view death as a new beginning or a time of rebirth, so darkness can be viewed as a positive rather than a bad thing.

Standuhr Tattoo

Grandfather clock tattoos are also very popular. There aren't too many additional meanings that can be used with this design, but these watches are often considered classic and beautiful. It's not uncommon for someone to get a tattoo of an old grandfather clock that their family used to have. That way the meaning is personal and could be a way to remember all the great moments from the past.

The grandfather clock tattoo is also a symbol of a personal connection to the passage of time. Additionally, focusing on the pendulum of a grandfather clock could be symbolic of wasted or running out of time. It is also said that if you dream of a grandfather clock that is not showing the right time, it could symbolize that you are losing track of time on a project that needs getting done.

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Distorted clock tattoo

A warped or distorted dial is often a depiction of the white rabbit from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, which has more symbology, or is sometimes an image borrowed from the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The dripping or melting watch is an emphasis on the handsless watch and its disregard for the structured passage of time. Alternatively, a distorted clock image can mean an incorrect sense of time or perspective.

As is the case with most tattoo designs these days, the clock itself does not have to be the only part of the design, nor does it have to be the centerpiece of the tattoo. For example, if a person wants a clock tattoo to represent death, they will probably at least toy with the idea of ​​adding a skull and crossbones to the design. Likewise, a positive clock tattoo can contain other happy images to make the meaning a bit clearer.

The clock is an incredibly versatile image and can be manipulated into numerous meanings depending on how it is represented. Colored tattoos generally add a more cheerful or positive touch to any image, so grayscale or black and white can represent more serious tones. Regardless of style and colour, the watch is an unmistakable symbol of time, a significant era or an important moment in life.

We suggest that you take your time when looking for a tattoo artist when trying to get a clock tattoo and that goes for any type of tattoo. Find an artist who has mastered the style you wish to get your tattoo inked in and if you are still unsure, take the time to sit down and talk to your potential artist to make sure you are feel comfortable with that person and be able to do it. Let us help you design the tattoo of your dreams.

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