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How to watch The Serpent Queen season 1 episode 1 online free,The Serpent Queen S1 episode 1Queen Catherine begins to tell her life story to Rahima, a servant girl, revealing how she entered the French royal court at the age of 14. The Serpent Queen S1 Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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Synopsis: Considered an ordinary immigrant, Catherine de' Medici marries at the 16th century French court as an orphaned teenager who was supposed to bring a fortune in dowry and produce many heirs, only to discover that her husband is in love with her. an old woman.., her dowry has not been paid and she cannot conceive. Yet with her wits and determination alone, she manages to keep her marriage alive and dominates the bloody sport of monarchy better than anyone, ruling France for 50 years.

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Original Title: The Serpent Queen


Studio: Starz

Country: United States of America,

Productoras: 3 Arts Entertainment, Lionsgate Television,

running time: minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: 2022-09-11

Air date: 2022-09-11

Episode: 8 Episode

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Season: 1 Season

Summary of the season:

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voting average: 0

Popularity: 36,455

Slogan: Tell me what you would have done differently.

merged -Name: Samantha Morton. character : Catherine de Medici | Name: Amrita Acharia. character : Aabis | Name: Enzo Cilenti. character : Ruggieri | Name: Barry Atsma. character: Montmorency | Name: Nicholas Burns. character : Antoine de Bourbon | Name: Danny Kirrane. character: Luis de Borbón |

Technical team -Name: Leonie Frieda. Department: Writing. work : Book| Name: Justin Haythe. Department: Writing. title : Executive Producer| Name: Francisco Lorenzo. Department: Address. title : Executive Producer| Name: Erwin Stoff. Department: Production. title : Executive Producer|

Guest stars -

episode list

1.perra doctors. Queen Catherine begins to tell her life story to Rahima, a servant of hers, revealing how she entered the French royal court at the age of 14.

2.To war instead of bed. Young Catherine begins to learn how to trick the royal family in order to secure her future.

3.The price. Prince Harry returns from the war with a new lover, Filippa, and a baby. Catherine resorts to extreme measures to produce an heir.

4.A new age. Catherine became a mother. King Francisco falls from his horse while he was hunting with Enrique and Catalina.

5.the first regency.

6.the last joust.

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8.a queen is made.

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Where can I watch The Serpent Queen episodes? ›

The Serpent Queen, a drama series starring Charles Dance, Samantha Morton, and Amrita Acharia is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, Prime Video, Spectrum TV or STARZ on your Roku device.

Can I watch Serpent Queen on Hulu? ›

Available with Hulu (With Ads) for $12.99/month or with Hulu (No Ads) for $19.99/month.

How many episode of The Serpent Queen are in season 1? ›

8 Episodes

Queen Catherine begins to tell the story of her life to Rahima, a servant girl, revealing how she came to enter the French Royal Court at the age of 14. Young Catherine begins to learn how to outwit the royal household in order to secure her future.

Is The Serpent Queen only on Starz? ›

The series was created by Justin Haythe and is based on the 2004 nonfiction book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France by Leonie Frieda.
The Serpent Queen
Original networkStarz
Original releaseSeptember 11, 2022 – present
14 more rows

Where can I watch the Queen Korean drama? ›

Queen” is a 2020 South Korean period drama series that was directed by Yoon Sung Sik. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, all with ads, for $12.99/mo. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, all with ads, for $12.99/mo.

Where can I watch Starz? ›

Watch On Your Favorite Devices

Stream STARZ at home or on the go with Hulu. You can also use your Hulu credentials to create a STARZ® App account and watch live and on demand content using the STARZ® App.

Is The Serpent Queen free on Amazon Prime? ›

This isn't an Amazon series. Instead, it's a STARZ series, but this is where we get a bit of good news. STARZ is available via Amazon Channels, so it will feel like you're watching through Prime Video. It is at an extra cost, though.

Is The Serpent Queen available on Netflix? ›

Will it be possible to watch the series on Netflix? Sadly, that's not going to be the case. The first episode drops tonight on STARZ. This series is a STARZ Original, which means it's going to air exclusively on the platform.

How can I watch the serpent in America? ›

The Serpent, a crime drama series starring Tahar Rahim, Jenna Coleman, and Billy Howle is available to stream now. Watch it on Netflix on your Roku device.

Why do they call her The Serpent Queen? ›

The nickname 'Serpent Queen' stems from the dark legend of Catherine de' Medici, which casts her as being manipulative, scheming and untrustworthy. These attacks against her reputation have been shared for centuries, as she and her sons were accused of being the catalysts for the French Wars of Religion.

Did Catherine de Medici have an illegitimate child? ›

Catherine had an affair with Richard Delacroix, a French noble, and conceived a daughter, Clarissa Delacroix....

Did Catherine de Medici have a lover? ›

Whilst initially her role was a maternal one, when Henry was 17 years old (and three years married to Catherine) they became lovers.

How much is Starz on Amazon Prime? ›

Starz costs $8.99 per month or $74.99 per year, which saves users about $32 (or 30 percent) compared to the monthly rate. Currently, Starz's subscription costs less than other premium streaming services such as HBO Max, which begins at $9.99 per month with ads, and Showtime, which costs $10.99 per month.

Was Rahima a real person? ›

That toddler was Rahima Banu, and she would come to hold a remarkable place in history, as the last known person in the world to be infected with naturally-occurring deadly smallpox.

How many episodes are in serpent queen? ›

8 Episodes

Queen Catherine begins to tell the story of her life to Rahima, a servant girl, revealing how she came to enter the French Royal Court at the age of 14. Young Catherine begins to learn how to outwit the royal household in order to secure her future.

Where can I watch Mr. Queen Korean drama for free? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Mr. Queen - Season 1" streaming on Netflix, Viu or for free with ads on Viu.

How can I watch all seasons of Queen of the South? ›

Queen of the South, a crime drama series starring Alice Braga, Hemky Madera, and Verónica Falcón is available to stream now. Watch it on Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu or Apple TV on your Roku device.

How to get STARZ for free? ›

Starz Free Trial with Amazon Prime Video

Through Prime Video Channels, Amazon Prime members can add more than 100 channels to their lineup, including Starz. To activate the Starz free trial on Amazon Prime, on the Amazon website, from Account & Lists, select Prime Membership.

How can I watch STARZ without paying? ›

While Starz doesn't currently offer a free trial, users can sign up for Starz free trials with Hulu, FuboTV, and Amazon Prime Video. Hulu and Amazon Prime Video currently offer a 30-day free trial, which each include a seven-day free trial of Starz, whereas FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial for both services.

Is STARZ free on Hulu? ›

Hulu (Free Trial) Add STARZ® to any Hulu plan for an additional $8.99/month.

How did I get Prime for free? ›

Sign up for a free 30-day trial

Those totally new to Amazon Prime membership, or anyone who hasn't been a member in the last 12 months, are eligible for a 30-day trial. Be sure to set a reminder for when your trial ends so you can cancel before it's up and you're charged for more time.

How do I get Prime games for free? ›

How to try Amazon Prime Gaming for 'free'
  1. Click on the Try Prime button.
  2. Select the Continue option.
  3. Then, sign in to your Amazon account or create one if you haven't already.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the membership sign-up and account linking process.
Dec 20, 2022

Is serpent queen on hbo max? ›

Sorry, The Serpent Queen is not available on HBO Max.

Does Netflix have drama queen? ›

Watch Abla Fahita: Drama Queen | Netflix Official Site.

How many seasons is The Serpent Queen? ›

Catherine De Medici's reign will continue to unfold in the hit Starz series.

How many seasons of Queen are on Netflix? ›

The Crown is a historical drama television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, created and principally written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for Netflix.
The Crown (TV series)
The Crown
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes50 (list of episodes)
18 more rows

Is Snake City on Hulu? ›

Watch Snake City Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Charles Sobhraj free? ›

Charles Sobhraj, a convicted killer who police say is responsible for a string of murders in the 1970s and 1980s, was released from a Nepal prison on Friday after nearly two decades behind bars.

Why is The Serpent not on Netflix? ›

This is because the entire series is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now. will update this article when more information is available. In the meantime, you can subscribe to Netflix from £5.99/$8.99 per month to watch The Serpent when it premieres.

How did Catherine de Medici died in real life? ›

On 5 January 1589, Catherine died at sixty-nine, probably from pleurisy. Because Paris was held by enemies of the crown, Catherine was buried provisionally at Blois.

How many children did Catherine de Medici give birth to? ›

In spite of Henry's abiding attachment to his mistress Diane de Poitiers, Catherine's marriage was not unsuccessful and, after 10 anxious years, she bore him 10 children, of whom 4 boys and 3 girls survived.

Why was the boy killed in The Serpent Queen? ›

There is a show of power and cruelty by the king and his eldest son as they kill the poor family. Henri's ego is bruised when the stable hand pleads to Catherine for help. Henri slits the stable hand's throat after realizing that his wife might be cheating on her.

Did Henry and Diane have a child? ›

Early History. Diane de Poitiers and Prince Henry were together before he married Catherine de' Medici. They had one son together, Sebastian who became the king's favourite.

Was Lord Narcisse a real person? ›

Although most of the important characters are real, a few key people are totally fictitious: Bash, Gideon Blackburn, the peasant Lucile, Narcisse, along with a dozen minor characters.

Does Princess Claude get pregnant? ›

Historical Notes. Princess Claude was married to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, when she was 13, on 19 January 1559. Princess Claude actually had 9 children, with two already born by 1565 when she was only 18.

How old was Henry when he married Catherine de Medici? ›

Henry married Catherine de' Medici, a member of the ruling family of Florence, on 28 October 1533, when they were both fourteen years old. The wedding was officiated by Pope Clement VII.

Why did Catherine poison Francis? ›

Francis' deeply cared about his mother and was grateful that she had always supported him. Although, Catherine poisoned him so she could become regent of her younger son and Francis's brother Charles.

How old was Catherine de Medici when she married Henry? ›

In 1533, at the age of 14, Catherine married Henry, the second son of King Francis I and Queen Claude of France, who would become Dauphin of France upon the death of his elder brother Francis in 1536. Catherine's marriage was arranged by her uncle Pope Clement VII.

Is Starz free with Netflix? ›

Access to the Starz Play service at Netflix will be included with Netflix members' current monthly subscription fee. The deal adds significantly to a growing library of over 12,000 choices of movies and TV episodes that can be watched instantly at Netflix.

Is SHOWTIME on prime free? ›

Prime members can subscribe to SHOWTIME with Prime Video Channels. 7-Day Free Trial then only $10.99/month. Prime membership needed.

Is Outlander free with Amazon Prime? ›

Can You Watch Outlander on Amazon Prime? Yes, however you need to purchase individual episodes or seasons. Alternatively, you can use the Starz add-on in the U.S. which has a free seven-day trial. You can pair that with Amazon Prime's 30-day trial if you're a new subscriber.

How many children did The Serpent Queen have? ›

An outsider in every sense of the word, being Italian in the French court, and a commoner among the glittering royals, Catherine nevertheless managed to rule from 1547 till her death in 1589, first by marriage to King Henri II and then as a mother to three French kings, Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III.

How historically accurate is Serpent Queen? ›

The Serpent Queen is essentially a dramatization of the much-happening and enigmatic life of Catherine de' Medici (Liv Hill). Some aspects of the show, however, are not at all exaggerated and adhere as closely to the unanimously agreed-upon facts as possible.

Who is the real serpent queen? ›

The Serpent Queen follows the life of Catherine de Medici, who was Queen of France in the mid-1500s. The series is narrated by Catherine (Samantha Morton) as she tells the story of her life to her new maid, Rahima (Sennia Nanua).

What should I watch after Serpent Queen? ›

7 period dramas to watch if you like The Serpent Queen
  • Emma - Netflix. Ready for a Jane Austen classic? ...
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover - Netflix. ...
  • The Wonder - Netflix. ...
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story - Netflix. ...
  • The Essex Serpent – Apple TV+ ...
  • Emily - In cinemas.
Oct 30, 2022

What channel is serpent queen on? ›

How to Watch The Serpent Queen. Right now you can watch The Serpent Queen on NBC or Starz.

How many episodes are in season 1 of Serpent Queen? ›

Where can I watch the Essex Serpent episodes? ›

The Essex Serpent is an Apple Original, so it's exclusive to the Apple TV+ streaming service. New users get a 7-day free trial of Apple TV+ (opens in new tab).

How many episodes of The Serpent Queen are available to watch? ›

8 Episodes

Queen Catherine begins to tell the story of her life to Rahima, a servant girl, revealing how she came to enter the French Royal Court at the age of 14. Young Catherine begins to learn how to outwit the royal household in order to secure her future.

Can I watch the serpent in the US? ›

The Serpent Queen is airing on STARZ in the US from 11th September 2022. In the UK, the series will be available from the same day on STARZPLAY. You can sign up for Starz US to watch The Serpent Queen, or can access STARZPLAY through Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

How can I watch Prime for free? ›

Can I try Prime Video for free? Yes! Amazon offers a free trial for eligible non-Prime members which includes access to the service for a limited time before you start paying. Learn more about Amazon Prime and sign up or start a free trial for Prime Video.

Where can I watch The Essex Serpent for free? ›

You can watch "The Essex Serpent" for free if you sign up for a trial to Apple TV Plus. New members can get a seven-day free trial period, and several promotions are also available with extended trials.

How can I watch Essex Serpent without Apple TV? ›

Can You Watch The Essex Serpent Without Apple TV+? You can't watch The Essex Serpent without Apple TV+ because it's an original show by the streaming service and exclusive to this channel. However, you can subscribe to Apple TV+ to watch a host of new and older shows, movies, original productions, and more.

Is Essex serpent on Amazon Prime? ›

The Essex Serpent is streaming exclusively on Apple TV+.


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