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Are you excited to get a clock gear tattoo? Here is a list of some amazing clock gear tattoo designs that you must see!

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The clock is considered one of the oldest inventions of humanity.

Our current way of measuring time in 60-minute increments dates back to the ancient Sumerian civilization around 2000 B.C. back. The Egyptians used obelisks and water clocks, while the Chinese and Japanese mainly used candle clocks.

Europeans used to use hourglasses and sundials. The hourglass tattoo features a skull and a clock. It is known to symbolize the passage of time. A skull tattoo is usually associated with death or the end of life. Combined with the hourglass and the clock, it sends a message that our time on this earth is limited. Melting clock tattoo designs represent a dynamic life experience that happened in the past. Pocket watch tattoos were very popular as they were often used as an ornament. Clock tattoos can signify love, stability, or endless existence. When combined with clock tattoos, skulls have been known to represent both mortality and death. A broken clock tattoo is known to be associated with the concept of leaving the past behind.

You can express your clock gear tattoo idea in the way that best suits your taste. Read on to learn about some fascinating clock gear tattoos and their meaning!

Dove, Rose and Gear Clock Tattoo Designs

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The first tattoo is a half sleeve tattoo that includes elements like a dove, a compass, and two roses. This tattoo design is considered to be a great choice if you want a black and gray tattoo job. Usually, the meaning behind aTaubeThe tattoo is known to mark a new beginning. The wings of the dove are capable of flying and soaring into the sky, marking the new beginning of its journey. Roses and doves in a single design also represent beauty, love and affection. Clocks are tattooed to indicate a specific period or time in a person's life. Instead, this clock tattoo looks like a tribute to someone. Fusing flowers with clock tattoo designs often represents everlasting love. The shades are eye-catching because the watch designs are quite refreshing.

clock money tattoo

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Another half sleeve tattoo with an amazing design could be a great option for your other hand. Roman numerals are patched around the watch tattoo as well as inside the watch. Clock tattoos for men are also known to hold a certain sentimental value. The money bills are designed to give the clock tattoo a smooth flowing outline. This design idea can also have a meaning that says "Time is money".

The most valuable thing in life is time management. The clock gears are beautifully designed to highlight the inner workings. This clock tattoo design appears to have an artwork made up of an outer outline of leaves. These tattoos can be considered as a good option when time and money are some of the elements that have profoundly affected your life.

Tattoo clock with gear

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This clock tattoo design is the most abstract of all ideas. The artwork is displayed in a very realistic manner. On his leg he has a pocket watch tattooed with large motifs. Two gears are circled diagonally with large Roman numeral letters. The clock shows that it is 6:05 am. The Roman numerals from seven to ten are covered with gears which makes it one of the most interesting tattoos.

Gear in tattoos represents teamwork and collaboration. A broken watch is known to signify bad luck or misfortune. The gear at the top has a shiny appearance, while the ones below are the shade that has black and gray ink. This is considered to be one of the best clock tattoo ideas for men.

pocket watch tattoo

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This is a meaningful illustration of a pocket watch tattoo. The clock tattoo represents the birth of a loved one. The person's time of birth could be 7:04 as shown by the hands on the clock. Scribbled on the band surrounding the pocket watch is the name SIEM and the baby's date of birth, 01/27/2020. The symbolism tends to come into its own when paired with a watch.

Watches are often associated with aspects of life and death. At the same time, a broken watch is akin to not respecting time. Clocks like clocks and sundials to watch gears have always been popular tattoo ideas. This is a small detailed tattoo on the upper arm. Pocket watch tattoos are popularly known because they can symbolize the most important moment in someone's life. They were often considered valuable items as they were family heirlooms for generations. Such elements are ideal for half sleeve tattoos.

Clock gear tattoo for men

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Many elements combine to create such a dynamic design. Elements include eye, roman numerals, pocket watch, and gears. A typical tattoo of aOjoThe pairing with watches shows the confluence of organic humanity with a more mechanical, structured and designed watch. A pocket watch is tattooed showing the full cover and hands. The time reads 2:56, making short dots at nearly 3. Gears are designed on the bottom as well as the left side of the main frame.

Clock tattoos for men represent hidden realities, the inner workings and intricacies of emotions and the human psyche. Feelings buried under a beautiful facade are represented through clock tattoos that incorporate clock gears as a visual element. This gives a realistic style to the clock tattoo.

Clock Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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This is a massive forearm sleeve tattoo. Positioning on the hands and arms provides more room for detailed work. Mentioning the names of family members with clock tattoos means comparing their meaning well with each other. Dealing with the family is seen as necessary as dealing with time in the future and in life. They represent infinite love for the people they love the most. There are two main clock tattoos with different styles.

This is a lettering tattoo that includes names like Pascal Deon and Kiara Celine. Both clock tattoos indicate a different time. Such tattoos are meant to remind people to spend time with family. It is a creative way to represent the precious things in life.

Birth clock tattoo designs.

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The birth, time and death tattoo are considered important elements for clock tattoos. This clock tattoo has some previous years written on its face. Some of the meanings attached to birth clock tattoos are the understanding that a person's life is finite. Another reason may be that seizing every moment and making the most of it is crucial. It can also represent a moment or time in your life that will live in your heart forever, like the birth of his favorite child. Some of the years are 1976, 1977, 2005, and 2010. These years are replaced with Roman numerals such as 12, 3, 6, and 9. The time display shows that it is 1:56, which is almost 2 o'clock. This is a forearm tattoo to commemorate a specific moment. Waves are said to give a beautiful outline to clock tattoos.

Poppy and pocket watch tattoo designs.

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The combination of flowers with clock tattoos gives a glamorous look to the design. A yellow border surrounds the clock tattoo. Even the dials show the mechanism of the gears in faded yellow ink. Such techniques can have meanings such as eternity and someone's presence, as they work well for both men and women. The time reads 3:40. The humble revolution has its roots in a noble military duty where gentlemen can enjoy the pleasures of floral tattoos without sacrificing their masculinity.

In addition to associating traditional ties with healing, the poppy is also associated with Remembrance Day. While some refer to it as poppy day, it is believed that all men enjoy the underlying meaning of the flower. Most men choose this design to commemorate those who died in the line of duty while serving in the military.

Rose, compass and clock tattoo designs.

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A clock tattoo can represent life, time, and death. This tattoo represents a compass with a mechanical wall clock. The watch has exposed its internal gears that provide its mechanism. The gears represent a person's inner feelings and provide insight into the complex emotional workings behind a person's personality. These gears, along with a rose, show gentleness in the person and the compass gives a sense of direction and purpose in life.

After all, we are all limited by time, and clock tattoo designs can signify a variety of significant human realities. Whether you're commemorating meaning in life, an achievement, or you're fascinated by that elusive fourth dimension, a clock tattoo could be a meaningful symbol to tattoo on your skin.

Pocket watch tattoo designs on the arm.

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This is a full sleeve tattoo that can be considered as a melting clock tattoo. Beneath the clock is the half-tattooed face of a woman saying "shhhh" with a finger to her lips. This action is performed to mute or mute someone. The clock shows 10:10 and the dial is designed with gears. The gear mechanism is beautifully rendered, showing the importance of the hours. Tattoos about time and silence can convey different meanings. Such designs can also represent the time period of the healing process. Shades of gray are highlighted with black ink, giving it a 3D look. Various types of inking processes are applied for such a dynamic tattoo design. Such designs are popular with women. The best location on the body for such tattoos can be on the arm or anywhere on the body. If you are a woman who believes in working hard in silence and letting your success make noise, then this design can be considered a creative choice.

You can incorporate and get inspired by a few more watches and see inspired tattoos that will have such a significant impact and you will wear them with pride.

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