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Are you getting a tattoo for the first time or are you looking for a simple design for your next tattoo? Here are some striking anchor tattoo ideas to show your love of the sea.

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Since a tattoo design stays with you for a long time and remains a powerful source of inspiration, most people paint a personal design, something that is close to their heart.

An anchor tattoo is a simple and traditional design that has been associated with sailors for hundreds of years. Today these designs have become a popular choice among many tattoo enthusiasts.

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However, you may be wondering what is the meaning of an anchor tattoo or what does an anchor tattoo represent that so many people go crazy for this amazing design.

The trend of tattooing anchor tattoo designs grew in popularity during the 1900s. Sailors crossing the Atlantic ocean were often seen sporting an anchor symbol painted on different places on the body of different sailors. Even the famous 90s cartoon character Popeye the sailor had a large and noticeable anchor tattoo on his bicep which he sported with pride. Anchor tattoos on sailors may have symbolized strength and bravery, amplifying the craze for this design.

If you are planning to get an anchor tattoo on your body, you might be interested in the different meanings that the anchor symbol represents. So let's briefly acquaint you with what an anchor tattoo symbolizes and how you can show your personal traits through the various tattoo meanings. A talented tattoo artist can also combine the original anchor design with other tattoo elements to give the anchor tattoo contemporary meanings and an edge over the classic style. So, before you go to a tattoo artist, you can check out these 10 amazing anchor tattoo design ideas that will serve as the perfect inspiration for you to choose your anchor design.

Large and elegant forever anchor tattoos

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The larger the artwork, the more people are drawn to the design. Apart from looking cool, bigger tattoos also symbolize your confidence in the message that the tattoo etched on your skin. For example, a large anchor tattoo placed on the back like the one pictured above can amp up the look. You can also choose various other places like the arm, chest, back or shoulder to get a great tattoo design. Detailing the anchor tattoo by combining it with other elements such as a compass or rope brings more life to the design and gives it a marine touch. You can even add the names of family members to give the tattoo a personal touch.

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Here is another example of a moderately sized anchor tattoo that will look very attractive on your skin. The benefit of getting a larger forearm tattoo is that muscle movement can create a lively flow of the tattoo, as if it were alive. Along with the anchor design, you also get enough space to add the symbols of a compass and rope to the piece if you choose to get the anchor tattooed on your upper arm.

Anchor tattoos for the soul of an explorer

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A combination of anchor tattoos with a compass symbol shows that you are grounded and not directionless. Not surprisingly, she is also incredibly attractive and intelligent. Anchors are part of sailing ships and are essential when combined with the compass. However, they have a small contrasting element: one for the ship, the other directs it towards a destination. The trend for these tattoo designs emerged hundreds of years ago when sailors set out to explore and discover different parts of the world. For this reason, the meaning of the anchor tattoo is amplified when paired with a compass. Ever since the ships were discovered, sailors have traveled the sea following the directions of a compass. If you like large, detailed tattoos, this might be the right option for you.

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The Explorer tattoo may not just be a compass tattoo along with an anchor design. A great addition could be a map placed behind the anchor and compass. After all, it was sailors who helped chart most modern maps, wading into uncharted waters and discovering new lands. A map is another thing that a sailor cannot do without. So obviously you can go a little further and get a map tattooed on the bottom of your anchor tattoos which will bring out your exploring soul even more.

Detailed Anchor Tattoos With Specific Meanings

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Do you want to know what the anchor tattoo means? You will be surprised to know that the meaning of the anchor changes every time it is combined with different objects. The practice of detailing an anchor tattoo design is not new. Sailors of yore used to detail anchor tattoos by drawing a pole star. These days you see many designs combined with a regular anchor tattoo symbol to give each tattoo a unique touch. If you are looking for some common pieces of art to go with your anchor tattoo symbol, flowers, the holy cross of Christianity, a rope and the infinity sign are some options. Instead of a rope around the anchor, you can also get a tattoo drawing a snake embracing the anchor tattoo. Although the snake is seen as a poisonous predator, the combination of a snake with anchor tattoos symbolizes a level of grounding, protected from any kind of external toxicity.

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You can combine it with a wide variety of other symbols and each design adds a different meaning to the tattoo. Although very rare, the infinity anchor tattoo design is one of the best and most exciting anchor tattoo designs. The idea behind this great design is unique and can be luxuriously decorated with various motifs ending in an attached infinity loop-like structure. This simple anchor design in which the anchor chain adopts the infinity structure is such a minimalist piece that it looks extremely elegant. The anchor tattoo symbol can also be styled with other objects such as birds and hearts. In addition, you can also decorate it with colorful flowers to give an added touch to the anchor design.

Anchor tattoos as a symbol of hope

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Getting the word "hope" tattooed with anchor tattoos shows that for many, hope for the future is what keeps them grounded in their beliefs and moving forward. The classic tattoo also represents the will to never give up or betray oneself, even in the worst moments of life. Adding these life essentials to the anchor symbols is sure to keep you inspired throughout. You can paint this piece on various parts of the body such as the arm, shoulder, and chest. A smaller, simple version can also say a lot, if you like to wear it behind your neck. Play around with the design and add new meaning to your inspiring anchor tattoo.

The combination of flowers and anchor tattoos.

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Anchor symbols have been modernized in many ways and different symbols or designs are associated with various meanings. Anchor tattoos are mostly famous among men due to their association with the sea and sailing from the very beginning. However, with the change of eras, preferences have also changed a lot. Today, anchor tattoos are popular among both men and women. On celebrity, many female celebrities like Katie Cassidy and Margot Robbie seem to be interested in the anchor design. The embroidered anchor tattoo with decorative flowers as shown above has a more feminine touch.

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Also, coloring in floral patterns can never go wrong if you are looking to add an extra touch to your floral anchor tattoo design. If you are interested in associating colorful floral patterns with your anchor tattoo, there are different types of amazing floral designs available to suit all sorts of genres. Colorful patterns make the tattoo even more artistic and creative. A detailed anchor tattoo with floral motifs will draw all the attention to your piece no matter where it is placed.

single line anchor tattoos

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You can always go for evergreen single line anchor designs, however if you are open to more elaborate designs then little details can never go wrong. The anchor tattoo is a simple design on its own. It is believed that the first anchor tattoos used to be single line tattoos. A classic single line tattoo with a heart shaped crown like the picture is a brilliant piece if you are looking for one. It has been modernized by adding colorful prints that give it a more abstract and spectacular appearance. Single line anchor tattoos are small and can be used by couples to make the design complement their relationship.

Anchor tattoos combined with Christian elements.

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You can also try a fusion design by adding the holy cross to the anchor tattoo like the one pictured above. The anchor rod resembles the holy cross of Christianity. They are also somewhat similar in shape and size to a cross. This tattoo can be a great way to cement your beliefs.

Small and compact anchor tattoos

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Unlike many other tattoo designs, an anchor tattoo does not necessarily have to be large to represent its true meaning. Instead, this small, compact design is a favorite choice for many interested in getting small, meaningful tattoos. If you want a small tattoo for the wrist, fingers, neck, and ankle, a small anchor tattoo is perfect for those places.

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Do you like a detailed but small tattoo? Then she swipe right on the idea of ​​anchor tattoos. It is also a very safe option for small, detailed tattoos. The cute heart with the little anchor is a simple design that you can choose.

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Sailors Minimalist Black Anchor Tattoo

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Anchors ensure the stability of a ship by dropping the anchor from the sendin a rough sea or stormy ocean ensures safety and security. Similarly, sailors and navy believed that as a real anchor provides stability and protection to the ship, anchor tattoos symbolize hope and stability of fortune, securing your life and ensuring the protection of the ship. No wonder sailors chose the symbol of anchors to paint their bodies. Although today, almost anyone in the world can get an anchor tattoo, regardless of their profession or passion. The black anchor tattoo design is by far one of the most minimalist and elegant designs among all other anchor tattoo piece designs. The tattoo does not require much explanation, it is engraved in the shape of a small anchor that is all black. The small black anchor symbol can be placed anywhere on the body due to its small size. Decorating the tattoo with additional objects like ropes, birds, and flowers makes the tattoo look amazing.

Anchor tattoo ideas for your loved one

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Just as the purpose of an anchor is to keep the ship firmly in place during adverse situations, the anchor tattoo is a symbol of your loyalty and devotion to your family. You can also dedicate this tattoo to a loved one by adding their name to the tattoo as a commitment to stay with them for a long time and more. Carving the word family between the sternum of the anchor shows how closely connected you are to your own people.

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The traditional anchor tattoo is considered a sign of stability and loyalty. His dedication to keeping his family together through thick and thin is compared to the role of an anchor in protecting a ship at sea. A classic way to show your love for a heavenly family member is to add her name with the anchor. As in this drawing, the anchor ends with the letter P, since the person remembers his father through the word 'paa'.

Many types of tattoos linked to the sea orOceanthey are becoming famous among people with an instinct for exploration. They are popularly called marine tattoos. This type of tattoo is doing wonders in the tattoo industry, so it's about time you wanted to get one too. The navy tattoo alone does not give any tattoo idea; By combining it with different symbols that define your profession, you can get a wonderful tattoo with it and if you are someone who is in the profession, then this tattoo will surely work as an added bonus to your stylish personality. So let's take a look at different designs that you might be interested in getting your custom navy blue tattoo.

1. An old sailor cap on the wrist.

2. Simple Anchor Tattoo Design

3. A compass tattoo.

4. A North Star tattoo as an ancient source of direction.

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5. The modern and elegant compass tattoo.

6. Small Boat Tattoo

7. Abstract Ocean Tattoos

8. Large and detailed pirate ships.

9. A combination of anchor, rope and compass tattoos.

10. A pirate skull tattoo.

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