Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (2023)

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (1)

Tattoos with the image of a ladder are not found very often, since this idea is very original. The skin ladder will look very aesthetic and special. Also, the meaning of the ladder tattoo is very interesting.

The ladder as a symbol is a connection between something sublime, above, heaven, and something earthly, below. It is a symbol of climbing, reaching new heights. Such a tattoo represents life achievements, continuous upward movement, development and determination. This image is also connected with the path of life. Therefore, it is very important how exactly it is depicted on the tattoo, in what color combination and against what background.

The meaning of the ladder tattoo also depends on the history of the ladder as a symbol. Even the ancient Egyptians treated the ladder as an image, as a talisman. Important was his appearance and even the number of steps. The number nine was the most positive in a magical sense. Also in many other cultures of the world the image of the ladder was very symbolic. In a spiritual sense, the ladder represents the connection of hell and paradise, the connection of different worlds where the upper part is more spiritual, light and good. Therefore, a very suitable tattoo with the image of a ladder is for people who are interested in personal development, the spiritual path and practices. It becomes a way to combat internal defects and negative traits, the desire for inner purity and spirituality.

Another meaning of the ladder tattoo is career growth. Therefore, this body art is suitable for a careerist, a man who loves his work and strives for ever greater success in the professional field. The tattoo promises success in leadership and political positions, helps to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. Also, the ladder symbolizes success in various fields and areas of life, financial prosperity and abundance.

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Tattoo with the image of stairs, which is often depicted in black and white. And the most popular place on the skin for such a drawing - the forearm. The image itself is very important. The brighter and more positive the top of the ladder, the better your achievements in life. The lighter and more pleasant the whole staircase looks, the easier the whole path of your life will be. The image of the ladder in the tattoo can also be combined with other suitable images. In the upper part, the sun, a clock or an eye are usually represented. You can find something interesting in our catalog of eye tattoos.

The clock tattoo is worn with the same frequency by both sexes. It does not matter what kind of tattoo is depicted in the photo: stylized or maximally realistic, the philosophical meaning of the clock tattoo has not changed. Choose from a variety of styles for this tattoo, and in most cases get it done on the arm, shoulder, back, or chest.

The meaning of the tattoo clock

The main meaning of the clock tattoo is memory. The tattoo is associated with specific events that happened to a person. And the hands on the dial begin the inevitable countdown of the minutes and days that have passed since a happy moment, an important event or a terrible loss.

But the tattoo clock can point not only to the past, but also to the future. In such a situation, the tattoo should become a reference point that does not allow a person to go astray.

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The hourglass tattoo is associated with the expression “like sand between your fingers”. This device was invented by the ancient Greeks. Back then, the hourglass indicated relentlessness and inevitability.

What to inspire you when choosing a design

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (2)


As we have seen in this article, although the meanings of ladder tattoos are numerous and varied, they all share a common background:spiritual and mystical.. Therefore, these are not tattoos that are commonly done in color. The black and white color gives it an air of transcendence and mystery, perfect to associate with the meaning of the tattoo, usually a realistic style with fine lines and considerable size, especially when accompanied by other elements.

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (3)

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However,Simple style ladder tattoos are becoming more common as they can also be very mysterious.. These tattoos, with very fine lines and much smaller than the previous ones, maintain the black and white color but are usually combined with more prosaic and surreal elements such as doors, planets...

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (4)


Also,Basically, different designs are common in ladder tattoos.. They use thick lines more often and the color is not that unusual. In fact, the design lends itself especially well to a traditional style for a casual look.

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Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (5)


In the gallery of stairs tattoos that accompanies this article, you can see different types of designs, both regular stairs and spiral or winding stairs. As you can see,Many rely on a simulated staircase, the end of which is the gateway to the afterlife..

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (6)


We hope we have inspired you with this detailed example of what ladder tattoos mean.Tell us, do you have tattoos in this style? What does it symbolize for you? Have you opted for a realistic school, a staircase with a traditional design, or vice versa something totally unique and original?

Unusual variants of tattoos with clocks.

There are also quite interesting versions of clock tattoos.

  • Hourglass tattoo where the quartz particles are replaced with blood. Thus, time is metaphorically compared to life itself. Another version of the interpretation is that life is bloody and terrible.
  • A 24-hour open eye tattoo in the center of the dial. It creates the illusion that time is not a physical substance but a specific person. It is probably a symbol of God watching how a person lives his life and what he spends his precious time on.
  • The half hour tattoo. Similar to a full representation, a mechanism is represented as a key. The key can open or close the door of life. And when the key is depicted as a golden key, it becomes clear how valuable time is for people.
  • Gun watches are meant to remind people that time for themselves should be valued because one day the seconds risk "pulling the trigger." In this case, the weapon is usually shown in section, as it is possible to learn more about the inner workings.

The tattoo is always depicted on the body. However, there are variants of sketches designed to create the effect of cuts peeking out from under the skin. So the artists draw the outlines of the wounds, pieces of meat, as if showing the internal organs of a person.

  • If the watch peeks out of a chest wound, it portends a dramatic perception of life.
  • The execution of the movement in the shape of a heart symbolizes that the basis of all personality is time, which allows blood to flow through the veins.

Clock tattoo style and composition.

As you may have already established, the clock tattoo can be represented in many different versions. Adding new colors to the composition gives the tattoo a new meaning. The Raven with a Clock, for example, speaks of fatalism, the belief that everything is predetermined from above, and is inspired by thoughts about the fragility of existence.

For beautiful sex, a watercolor-style tattoo is an excellent solution. It will speak of romance and reverie. At the same time, watercolor works look bright, but soft and relaxed. The smooth transition of shades, the absence of sharp outlines, blurry colors, splashes and drops make it possible to create a truly original drawing.

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Realistic versions of hourglass or pocket watch images look good regardless of palette. Everything in this case depends on the emotions that the work should convey.

For example, a tattoo of a glowing clock surrounded by scarlet roses and fluttering butterflies is meant to show that time is not important to those who are in love and happy. At the same time, a monochrome composition with a skull evokes thoughts of doom.

An interesting option for a tattoo is an image of a gloomy and realistic urban landscape in black and white with a tower clock.

It also looks quite attractive in the new school style. The presence of bright colors, clear and expansive lines, as well as the most incredible combination of colors, will help to bring originality to each drawing, giving it its own emotional and semantic charge.

As an option, the image of an owl with a clock in this style will characterize a person who values ​​his time and is not inclined to waste it.

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Choosing the right place for a tattoo, pay attention to the peculiarities of the figure. For example, the correct application of an hourglass on the leg or arm, since they have an elongated shape in the central part of the composition. And the variant with a round pocket watch can be placed more sensitively on the shoulder, thigh, shoulder blade or chest.

After making the tattoo clock, you will always remember the great importance of time in your life and you will stop wasting it.

As a finishing touch, we suggest you watch a thematic video:

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (7)

The image of the ladder is the traditional image of vertical movement, from the bottom up or, conversely, from the top down. Since ancient times, the symbol has marked the connection between the horizontal planes of the universe and crosses all cosmic planes: the worlds of dead souls, living beings and gods. The tattoo means not only development (ascension) but also decline, often a sign of transition from darkness to light or from material to spiritual.

Importance of tattoo steps

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (8)


There are many possible meanings in ladder tattoos., depending on whether they depend upwards, downwards, or even on the elements that accompany them. Among the most popular tattoos with this interesting architectural element we can find:

Ascend to enlightenment or descend to hell

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (9)


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The meaning of ladder tattoos in the simplest sense.The direct route to worlds beyond our own., both down and up. That is, to get to heaven, you would have to climb the stairs. When climbing stairs or vice versa hell when climbing stairs. It all depends on the type of religion we find.

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (10)


This is the meaning of.Where the ladder leads to is also important information to know what that particular tattoo means.. Therefore, an ascending ladder obviously has associated the idea of ​​progress, a final goal (or heaven as we said before), which is generally symbolized by the bottom of the ladder, which may be shrouded in a shimmering mist as if it were the sky, or it could contain, for example, a door that leads to a new personal state of enlightenment.

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (11)


Besides,the descending ladder represents the descent into helland they are mainly used to evoke times past when we found ourselves trapped in difficult situations from which there seemed to be no way out. For example, the tattoo can reflect this descent with a staircase that gets worse as you go down, or with a spiral staircase, which we will talk about below, along with other symbols of mystery and madness.

A staircase with lotus flowers

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (12)


It is also a tool andMeans of communication with the unknown and the spiritual.That is why they are often found in combination with lotus flowers and other colorful Buddhist elements. In this case, the ladder would be the path that leads us to enlightenment, to self-discovery (which these beautiful flowers symbolize).

The spiral staircase.

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (13)


Spiral or spiral staircases deserve special attention.Since they are considered a symbol of mystery. For example, on a staircase of this type, some mythical scenes from the cinema take place, which serve to show the main character's fear of heights. Hitchcock's con, in which the spiral, that is, the shape of the spiral staircase, also plays a fundamental role.

spirals in turn,They are a symbol of change that never stops.of death and resurrection, but also of madness in many works.

staircase with clock

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (14)

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This is one of the most common and popular ladder tattoos.Since its symbolism comes from family. They usually represent the whole family, a couple, a child... and are a symbol of the time they spend together, but also of the personal and collective development of each of them, so the ladder that has this meaning always goes up, not down.


Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (15)


The stairs can be considered cousins ​​of the stairs of a lifetime. Just as they usually have a very mystical and elevated meaning, being, as has been said, both the path to heaven or enlightenment and to hell, the stairs have a more prosaic meaning.They are a symbol of reaching a goal, but that goal will be easy and it will not be a long spiritual journey.On the contrary, the stairs can be seen as that little push that you need in the moment to achieve what you set out to do.

stairway to nowhere

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (16)


stairway to nowhere,Like a spiral staircase, a symbol of mystery, but they can also symbolize a confused or even cynical outlook on life.Because a ladder has to lead somewhere, have a purpose. Stairs that lead to nowhere tattoos tend to reflect this feeling that we are not a part of anything and that life has no purpose or leads nowhere.

ExactlyThe elegance of the tattoo consists of capturing a symbol associated with religionlike a stairway to heaven, and turn it around so that it has a completely different meaning.

ladder meaning

In Slavic mythology there are legends according to which the sufferers received the long-awaited healing from the saints or from the Virgin Mary, who descended from heaven on a golden ladder. She is mentioned in various incantations used in magical rites. The ladder was considered a means of communication with the underworld, and Croats had divination rituals under the ladder where girls wanted to know their future. The Eastern Slavs baked bread in the form of a ladder: a long flatbread with crosspieces was used in memorial rites.

Tattoo meaning for girls.

Fans of mysticism often choose motifs with a ladder for tattoos. This symbol helps to establish a connection with the subtle world of spirits, to develop the ability of clairvoyance. Drawing a wooden ladder with seven steps indicates the ability to communicate with otherworldly forces and opens the path to the "upper heaven", available only to shamans and sorcerers.

Tattoo with the image of a stone staircase, the seven steps leading to the bright sky - a sign of difficult, but fruitful spiritual growth. The steps represent the virtues that guide a girl who wants to purify her soul from vices: these are moderation, prudence, strength, humility, justice, reverence, charity. Overcoming difficulties, the owner of the tattoo hopes to become smarter, smarter and more useful to society and loved ones.

A brief meaning of the tattoo ladder.

Tattoo with the image of a ladder means courage, boldness, upward movement, struggle with passions, virtue, the connection of heaven and the underworld, hierarchy, wisdom, climbing to heights, a bridge between the worlds, mysticism, heaven, asceticism, justice, humility, loyalty, nobility, belief in higher powers, happiness, luck, success, prosperity.

Tattoo ladder with clock meaning. (17)

tattoo meaning for men

Stubbornly pursuing the goal and never backing down, not betraying their dreams, hoping for the best - this attitude to life is close to the owners of the tattoo ladder. This symbol is chosen by men who have clear plans and facilities in life. It's important for these guys to always be moving forward, and only in a certain direction, getting closer to the dream with every step. Sometimes the stubborn character harms the owners of tattoos, not allowing them to relax, rest and look around.

The drawing of a ladder often acts as a talisman that guides a person on the right path. A tattoo propels a man with leadership qualities to new achievements, he again and again proves to others his superiority in the profession, superiority in qualifications. Such a man is difficult to bring down or feel uncomfortable, he never loses his dignity and does not succumb to a momentary impulse.

The image of a ladder pointing downwards portends insecurity, low self-esteem, and weak character. A man with this tattoo sees life only negatively and mostly does not try to change anything. The monochrome design suggests that the wearer tends to melancholy, suffers from loneliness, works little on himself, indulges in sinful weaknesses.

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