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Did you know that India has aanimals are worshipped

For example, owls are associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The eagle is Lord Vishnu's means of transportation while the monkey is associated with Lord Hanuman. Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) on a swan.

If you are familiar with the Hindu god Lord Krishna, most of the pictures and paintings show him playing the flute among cows and other domestic animals. Hindus also regard the cow as their "mother". That's not all - the cow is said to have become a religious symbol.

studyanimal names in hindiNot only will it expand your current vocabulary, but it will also help you better understand Native Americans and their close relationship with animals. Plus, knowing these words can make it easier to strike up a conversation with anyone - animal lovers or not, people tend to have a strong fascination with the animal world.

In this article, you will also learn about the names of animal body parts, the sounds animals make in Hindi, and some colloquialisms related to animals.

let's go!

Quick List of 100+ Hindi Animal Words - Blog HindiPod101.com (2)Table of contents

  1. Why Learn Animal Names in Hindi?
  2. Basic knowledge of animal vocabulary
  3. home (pets)
  4. on the farm (farm animals)
  5. In the wild/forest/safari (land animals/mammals)
  6. aquatic
  7. bugs and insects
  8. birds and reptiles
  9. body parts of animals
  10. animal sounds
  11. Animal related expressions and slang
  12. Improve your Hindi with HindiPod101.com

1. Why Learn Animal Names in Hindi?

Some practical reasons need to be familiar withif not an animal

Well, as said,Animals play a central role in Hinduism. This means that learning animal names in Hindi will make it easier for you to connect and start conversations with native speakers.

live in indiaalso meansDeal with many unexpected encounters with animals! 😉 It may sound strange, but you often see stray cows and dogs roaming the streets and roads. And the locals happen to totally agree. This condition is more common in small towns and less common in large cities. So if you're going to a non-metropolitan area, be prepared to honk your horn and wait for the animals to go off on their own.

In,agriculture is the backboneIndia's economic development,Cows, bulls and other livestock are quite common in this country. This is especially true in rural areas and rural areas.

I think we have discussed many reasons why learning Hindi animal names is necessary. So let's go straight to our main section!

2. Basic knowledge of animal vocabulary

in hindi,every nounPronouns have a gender (masculine or feminine). As you'll see, many of the animal words on our list have masculine and feminine versions, depending on the sex of the animal in question. We have a whole article about itHindi grammatical gender, so be sure to take a look if you want to know more!

Before we get into more specific animal names, let's look at some basic vocabulary for animal categories:

  • "you" = you(janawal
    • More popular for daily use
  • "you" = you(Belt
    • very formal, usually used in textbooks
  • "mammal" = mammal(STNaD Harij
  • "domestic" = pet(Plato
  • "pet" = pet(Plato
  • "wilderness"ginger girl
  • "vogel" = vogelThat is it
  • "aquatic" = Ocean(ocean
  • "Bug" / "Insect"your/recommend

3. Home (pets)

Do you want to raise a piglet?

Dogs and cats are at the top of the listpopular pets in india. We also have many stray dogs and it is very common in Indian culture to feed these homeless animals with leftover meat, bread, milk pancakes and other foods.

  • "public cat" = catsword
  • "Mother Cat"gal
  • "male" = dog(Trying
  • "Bitch" = bitch(to put
  • "male mouse" = rat(And
  • "mother mouse"foreigners
  • "rabbit" =Carago's
  • "squirrel"Actor
  • "guinea pig" = guinea pig(kin pig

4. On the Farm (Farm Animals)

We've already talked about the importance of farming in this country, so it's no surprise that our farm animals are an integral part!

The main farm animals in India are cows, buffaloes, chickens and goats. Sheep, donkeys and horses are popular in mountainous areas. Some of these animals were domesticated solely to produce milk and transport goods, while others were bred for meat.

Meet the cow: the pillar of Indian agriculture

Here is a list of common domesticated animals in Hindi and English:

  • "you" = you(Boy
  • "Buffalo" = BuffaloBaines
  • "horse"god
  • "donkey" = donkeyGlycine
  • "Duck"batch
  • "chicken" = chicken(die
  • "Haan"street band
  • "pig" = pig(lighthouse
  • "Mother goat" = goat (barren
  • "goat's beak" = goat (only
  • "sheep"bed

5. In the wild/forest/safari (land animals/mammals)

India has a vast territory. This explains the richvarious animal speciesexist in different parts of the country. Here are the Hindi and English names of the most popular wild animals:

  • "lion"become
  • "Lioness"Cerny
  • "tiger" = tiger(that
  • "Tigress" = Tigress (Baggin
  • "male elephant" = elephant(Hat
  • “母象”=Hathini (Hasini
  • "vos"Lomadi
  • "Beer"new
  • "Wolf"Bihdia
  • "Male Monkey"Banda
  • “母猴” = Bandariya (airport
  • "hert" = hertTo sing
  • "hippopotamus" = hippopotamus(Daria Goda
  • "giraffe" = giraffethere is for him
  • "peeks" = peepsmendhak
  • "Male camel" = ऊँट (uunt)
  • "Mother Camel"I Tenny
  • "mangoest" = mangoest(New
  • "bat" = batpapa kamaga
  • "uil"he
  • "Leopard" = black panther(Tendua
  • "Jackal" = JackalUnlucky
  • "Black Panther" = Leopard(Tendua
  • "hyena" = hyena(from cadabaga

6. Aquatic animals

The world in oceans and other bodies of water is a complete mystery. diverse populationfish and aquatic animalsSuch strong curiosity was aroused in our minds. Let's see how the Hindi names of these popular animals are pronounced!

Life under the sea!

  • "shark" = hangarHe will not
  • "dolphin" = sound(direction
  • "octopus" = octagon(Astabahu
  • "show" = show(lazy
  • "tortoise"/"tortoise" = tortoise(cachua
  • "whale" = whale(Veh
  • "starfish" = starTalamy N
  • "coal" = coal(Jesus Christ
  • "shrimp" = lobsterGingamachali
  • "Sea Horse"Samudriguda
  • "sea lion" = water lion (I walked
  • "Oyster"chypre

7. Insects and bugs

Like it or not, you are sure to encounter bugs and bugs from time to time. While these creatures may look scary and creepy to some, others find them colorful and enchanting. No matter what side you're on, there's no harm in learning some oft-misunderstood Hindi names! 😉

  • "ants" = antsto worship
  • "at" = at(Gekke Humaki
  • "spin"Is everything all right
  • "housefly" = flymake
  • "Butterfly" = Butterfly(Titanium Lithium Tantaal
  • "mug" = mugMcCall
  • "insect"your
  • "grasshopper" = Grasshopper(your hair
  • "Krekel" = Kingur(Gingour
  • "caterpillar" = caterpillarErie
  • "rainworm" = rainworm (Kenkua
  • "cockroach" = cockroach(Tiracata
  • "snails"Gunha

8. Birds and reptiles

This category includes some of the widest variety of birds and reptiles that exist around us and in the wild. Some of them even live in our homes and gardens, such as lizards, sparrows and chameleons.

  • "birds"That is it
  • "eagle"ciiiL
  • "Parrot"total
  • "Cuckoo" = RhododendronKoya L
  • "gans" = Hansini(Hansney
  • "gander" = gans(Hans
  • "starling" = starling(min
  • "dove" = doveblue tar
  • "Mahjong" = Gauraiya (Entering
  • "crow"crow
  • "Dove" = white dove (veiled pigeon
  • "woodpecker" = woodpecker(Cadford
  • "Wevervogel" = Baya(to come outside
  • "greed" = greedGide dehydrogenase
  • "Kite" = Eagle(ciiiL
  • "eagle"fuss
  • "crocodile" = alligator(magaramaki
  • "lizard"Chipa Lee
  • "turtle"cachua
  • "snake" = snakesaamp
  • "crocodile" = alligator (Gadian
  • "Chameleon" = ChameleonGilajit

9. Animal body parts

Knowing animal body parts in Hindi is just as important as knowing their names, especially if you are interested in studying animals. So, what are the Hindi words for different animal body parts? Let's find out!

What's in the Wild?

  • "wings" / "feathers" = पंख (pins
  • "Tail"push
  • "hooves" = hoovesshrink
  • "nagel"Outside
  • "Trunk" = Trunk(direction
  • "ivory" = ivory(Hattie Dent
  • "skewer" = sting(damp
  • "scale" = scale(Salk
  • "backbone" = fork(you are here
  • "Fin" = the fin of a fishI'm sorry
  • "trumpet"here

10. Animal Sounds

It's time to get acquainted with the different onesanimal sounds in hindi. While they may seem a bit complicated now, with a little practice you'll master them in no time.

  • "roar"about sodium
  • "Gil"Bangkana
  • "roar"onze coatings
  • "on twitter"Where are you
  • "to roar" = to shout loudlysinghadana
  • "quack"Rough Naa
  • "zoom"blank
  • "hum"useful
  • "moe moo" = there therebattle
  • "hiss" = hiss(it's also the same

11. Idioms and slang related to animals

Finally we get to the fun part of this article! You'll see how animals influence the expressions and slang expressions of native Hindi speakers, making you sound more like a local! While the true meaning of these idioms is far from their literal translations, that's exactly what makes them so much fun to learn.

Oh! Check out this cute pie kitty!

  • mouse jumps in belly(huisdier man cuuhe kuuDaNaa)
    literal meaning:"Rats Jump in the Belly"
    actual meaning:starve or feeling hungry
  • scapegoat(Barry Ka Bakara)
    literal meaning:"Offers"
    actual meaning:become a scapegoat
  • Own property always suffers, while other people's property seems better(Gal Kei Muji Dar Barabar)
    literal meaning:"A house chicken is the equivalent of house lentils."
    actual meaning:Fame breeds contempt.
  • The washerman's dog belongs neither in the house nor in the ghat(DHobii kaa kuTTaa Na ghar kaa Na ghaat kaa)
    literal meaning:"The washerman's dog is useless."
    actual meaning:an unimportant person
  • wolf in lion's clothing(Selkhi Haal Man Bedia)
    literal meaning:"A Wolf in Lion's Clothing"
    actual meaning:A man who tries to appear brave, but is not
  • antlers(gaD's hoofd zingt gaayab hoNaa)
    literal meaning:"Like an Ass Without Horns"
    actual meaning:disappear as if it never existed
  • jackal scream(Giddard Babakiyan)
    literal meaning:"The Jackal Howls"
    actual meaning:false threat
  • How long can mother goat be happy(Bakare kii maan kab tak khaair manaayegii)
    literal meaning:"How long should a goat mother pray for the life of her goat"
    actual meaning:problems cannot be avoided forever
  • a fish out of water(Jair bin Machali)
    literal meaning:"Fish Out of Water"
    actual meaning:fidgety
  • cumin in the mouth of a camel(Recite in the mouth of the count)
    literal meaning:"Feeding Camels with Cumin Seeds"
    actual meaning:Available in negligible quantities where substantial quantities are actually needed
  • grinning cat polar night(KhiSiyaaNii biLLii khambaa Noce)
    literal meaning:'A shamed cat attacks and bites a post'
    actual meaning:When a person feels ashamed or defeated, he will try to vent himself with other things.
  • Cat makes a pilgrimage after eating a hundred mice(The hundred thousand eat biLLii the hajj is calLii)
    literal meaning:"After eating hundreds of mice, this cat is finally going on a religious journey."
    actual meaning:being hypocritical
  • jugs(breed)
    literal meaning:"kip"
    actual meaning:someone who is too easygoing, especially in aggressive or violent situations
  • donkey(down)
    literal meaning:"donkey"/"donkey"
    actual meaning:a completely stupid person

12. Improve your Hindi with HindiPod101.com

What's your favorite pet?

As you can see, it will be very useful to learn animal names in Hindi in India. We hope you enjoy taking this course as much as we enjoy writing it!

By the way, what's your favorite animal? Are there any animals in your country that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments and we'll be happy to get back to you in Hindi.

If you want to keep learning Hindi in the fastest, easiest and most fun way, make sure you find itHindiPod101.comToday! Besides having a perfectClass library, we offer studentsgrammar libraryand a series offree dictionary— not to mention a fewOther free resources, For exampleThis Hindi-English dictionary. Having trouble accessing our content? Please feel free to contact us or browse through ourFAQ section

Happy Hindi learning!

Quick List of 100+ Hindi Animal Words - Blog HindiPod101.com (11)


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Wild Animals Name in Hindi and English (जंगली जानवर के नाम हिंदी में)
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2.Tiger (टाइगर)बाघ (Bagh)
3.Rhinoceros (राइनोसेरॉस)गेंडा (Genda)
4.Cheetah (चीताह)चीता (Cheetah)
5.Giraffe (जिराफ)जिराफ़ (Jiraph)
47 more rows
Jan 14, 2023

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