Priyanka Chopra Jonas Brings Home Baby Girl + 11 Other Iconic Instagram Photos (2023)

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[close curtains] Oh boy.

Hello British Vogue.

This is Priyanka, today I'm taking you

Archived from my Instagram.

[upbeat music]

Okay, this is a really nice picture.

I drink tequila in the afternoon

Then got my first tattoo.

I was like, this can't hurt me, I'm a strong girl.

I can, but it hurts the bones here, oh!

It was my father's handwriting.

He always called me my little girl, my little girl.

So he is always with me now.

Well, this man, my God,

This is a gritty movie on so many levels.

First I play a real person

Who is almost my age.

Her name is Mary Combe.

She's a multiple, multiple Olympian

and gold medalist boxer.

I have always taken every part of what I do very seriously.

I went to her house, met her family, her children,

She asked me to go through her files.

The training for this is insane.

It's like I have a newfound respect for athletes.

exercise every morning

Then learn boxing as a sport every night

It's good enough to do that in a movie.

I can't even imagine what it would look like in a ring.

I got hurt all the time and we shot all the fight scenes

With real boxers.

So as you can imagine, I was like, girl, we're putting on a show.

She's like pff.

Ah, what a sweet video.

This is my first time traveling with UNICEF

as their global goodwill ambassador.

We went to Zimbabwe and Johannesburg.

This is a school trip.

They showed me some of their dance moves

Then I showed them Tumka.

This is my favorite classic.

I break it everywhere I go.

I gave all the children little Bindis.

My profession or my day job is to be able to amplify sound.

This is May 2018.

This is my second time in the metropolis

Wearing Ralph Lauren.

When I first went there

I'm wearing this huge trench coat.

This time we wanted to do it a little more feminine

I like this suit.

The tiara is inspired by Dupatta,

This is the Indian hijab you are wearing.

It's so elegant and beautiful.

The hood is fully embroidered in India.

That is very special.

Okay this, [laughs]

This is when I announce the title of the book,

This is unfinished.

This question was actually asked to me

Questions for Vogue 73:

[Interviewer] If your life was a book,

What is the title?


Then I thought about it, and I thought:

It's a really good title.

Writing a book is generally one

the most challenging ever,

but write about your own life

So much introspection is needed.

I had to call my family to confirm my memory.

[laughs] It's really funny.

Many of my stories are absolutely false.

It's purifying.

that was during a pandemic

So it gave me something to really focus on.

It feels like a relief.

i have forgiven myself many things

I have not forgiven myself

Because when I wrote this book.

Finally very exciting

When I finished, I was like, yuck.

Not for a while.

Okay this, this is for our Hindu wedding.

we got married the day before yesterday

already at a Christian wedding

So we are more or less married.

This happens according to the astrological chart.

The favorable time is 10 o'clock in the evening

Everyone flies down from America.

They just fly the jet flag.

all i can see is my man who catches the eye

With his family because they were falling asleep.

It's so great because it's a completely different feeling

when you stay with someone in front of everyone

This is important to you and everyone who is important to you.

You sort of realize that this is your chosen family.

This is my family now.

Okay, it's December 2018.

Forbes' Most Powerful Women.

I am very excited about this.

I'm on the verge, my life

A drastic change has just occurred.

this is after my marriage

You know, it's a bit of a twist.

It kind of reminds me of two aspects of my life,

my personal and professional aspects,

I'm fine.

if you have the ability to pull yourself

remove the mud your mind sometimes produces

I think that's a very powerful person.

Rabi_sab, female boss, hey!

very cute, thank you

I should always wear a suit.

[Laughs] Showing up at The Simpsons in my wedding dress

Considering that Apu is really funny and ironic

was the curse of my youth.

Everyone keeps asking me why I don't talk like Apu,

Why my accent isn't like Apu.

Hello, I am not interested in buying a house,

But I want to use your bathroom.

Apu is known to have a very exaggerated Indian accent.

This is bittersweet and funny

Because of course The Simpsons is an iconic part

most of our childhood.

But it is also a mockery that I wear Indian clothes

Married to a white man, great! [chuckles]

Nick looks like Ross.

He does. [laugh]

So in 2019, it's really interesting.

the jimmy fallon show i like

I like going to his shows.

Here's his Ew sketch.

I eat all I can, but don't crest,

because the crust is

[Both] Ugh!

He's been like uh all along.

I'm not getting my ls right.

My looks worked, but my uhs could have been better.

Well, not enough exercise.

But it's exciting because apparently I love Frozen

I like Frozen 2.

I love everything about Frozen and I want to be Frozen.

I am the voice of Elsa in Hindi version.

First of all, it's very interesting

Do it with your sister.

find out who elsa is in hindi

It's fun to think about all these things.

Ah! [laughs]

It is a mess.

It's Holi, one of my favorite festivals.

It is the Hindu festival of colors.

So you take all these colored powders

Everyone wears white.

You can clearly see that we did

There's been a lot of, you know, pomp and circumstance in my family.

We love our Holi holiday.

I take it very seriously.

so my water gun is always locked and loaded

Like the darkest color, then I'm aiming for your ears.

But this time my husband got me.

It's our first day taking our daughter home

She was in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit

About 110 days.

So driving to Cedar Sinai every day became our norm.

This is the first time we clean her room

Nick grabs the bag, I grab her,

We got her down and put her in the car seat.

I was like, what about this little guy

Sitting in a car seat?

Like I just want to hold her and never let her go

Because she's been through too much.

She likes to drive home.

She looks out the window.

I think this is the first time she saw the sun.

But I am very overwhelmed by the fact that

we are privileged, we are lucky

chance to get this beautiful girl

In our life I feel so thankful

We do this as a family.

Congratulations to both of you as new parents

Welcome to this world.

You show your parents that you are a real fighter.

I mean she did.

What happened to her gave me a reason

Because I don't want to take my life so seriously

Don't think, you know

A small crisis is the end of the world.

She is a true fighter and an inspiration to me every day.

[camera click]

Quite nice.

I would like to [speak another language]

[curtain slide] [heels clicking]

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