Full Guide: Will a Watch Erase a Tattoo? (hints and tricks) (2023)

If you are looking for a wrist tattoo or have already done several wrist tattoos, this article is for you. As watch enthusiasts, we all feel the need to wear a watch every day or else we would feel incomplete.

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So, what if you want to get a sleeve or tattoo on your wrist? So, in this article, we will analyze whether wearing a watch can fade tattoos, based on personal accounts and experience, and give some tips and tricks! let's start:

1. Can wearing a watch really lighten tattoos?

Now the real answer to the question.Rest assured that wearing a watch will only fade or fade your tattoo during the healing process of about 2 to 4 weeks after your tattoo procedure.After the healing process is over, you can wear the watch every day without worrying about your tattoo fading.

During the first 2 weeks of the healing period, the tattooed skin will swell and you may experience itching and peeling. Personally, I wouldn't wear a watch on my wrist as it's a delicate time when your skin needs breath and time to heal, so you don't want to risk it during this time. After that it's no problem to wear the watch every day, but be sure to follow the tips that I'll come back to later!

Keep in mind that if you get a tattoo with a more saturated color (darker), it may take longer to heal as more detail and stitches are required to achieve this. You can read more about the healing process of tattoos herein the textAfter you do this!

2. Real-world proof - wearing the watch for a long time has little to no effect on your tattoo

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I know you may be skeptical, so luckily I gathered some real world data! I asked many people in the Watch Enthusiast Facebook group and the general consensus was the same.

Respondents said they had absolutely no problem wearing the watch daily once the tattoo had completely healed. Some of them have had tattoos for more than ten years and wear watches every day. If this is reasonable, don't worry.

Another thing that was mentioned is that the sun can cause tattoos to fade in the long run, so your watch can technically help protect some of it! However, you have to be careful not to overdo it or your tattoo may look a bit faded on one side while looking intact on the other.

3. Here's why you shouldn't wear a watch while your tattoo is healing

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Although I am not in favor of it, you can wear the watch during recovery (especially after the first 2 weeks). But here are some issues you may experience wearing your watch during recovery:

Your watch or strap itches

I had a friend (who just had his entire sleeve done) who said I should get a tattooshallItching during the healing process. Wearing the watch for the first 2 to 3 weeks can make it itch more, which you don't want. To alleviate this, you can opt for a post-tattoo cream, which I will discuss in more detail later in the tips and tricks section. But if you're excited, check me outFeatured on Amazon.

Moisture can also fade or fade your tattoo

Watches and some watch straps (especially leather, rubber or silicone straps) are not as breathable as other materials such as NATO or metal bracelets. It can make your wrists sweat more, especially on hot days.

sweat can doDamage your tattoo during the healing processcausing it to deform or discolor. That's why I don't recommend wearing a watch. But if you must wear a watch, choose a more breathable strap material. I will go into more detail about this later in this article!

Possible allergies to materials and breathability

Your new tattoo is essentially an open wound as it takes thousands of needle pricks to inject the ink into your skin. This means that just like any other wound, it is prone to problems such as bacterial infection.

Wearing the watch again will absorb moisture and create an environment for bacteria to multiply in the wound. In most cases this can be related to the cleanliness of the tattoo parlor, but in many cases you can also become infected during the healing process.

It is best to err on the side of caution and wait 2 weeks or however long it takes for the tattoo to heal. You can also look at thisArticles on tattoo infectionsLearn more about this topic!

4. How to minimize tattoo fading when wearing a watch while the tattoo is healing

After the initial 2-week process, you may be tempted to wear your watch after this long period of time. Trust me, I understand what it's like to be naked without a watch. If you want to wear a watch while you wait for your tattoo to heal, here are some tips to try:

Wear the watch with the right fit

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Wearing the watch correctly helps with breathability which in turn can help with the whole moisture and sweat problem. The easiest way to determine the best fit is to place the tip of your little finger under the strap.

Make sure the edge of your strap stops at the first crease of your finger to make sure it's not too tight or too loose. Your watch should fit snugly and comfortably on your wrist while you do this. I actually devoted an entire article to ithow tight should you wear your watchI think after reading this you should go check it out!

choose your materials wisely

In addition to your watch fitting well, you can also opt for more breathable materials. Metal straps (I'm a big fan of mesh), Perlon, and NATO straps are all great materials to go with your watch. They are breathable and you will not sweat easily when you wear them.

However, if you live in a hot climate, I recommend metal bracelets, as they don't absorb sweat like NATO or Peron bands (which can lead to moisture and infection problems), and you get the added benefit of being able to clean it. which I will describe in the next point.

I have been wearing the silicone band every day for about 2 months and I can confidently say that I sweat more with it than with the metal bracelet.

Clean your watch and strap often

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It's simple enough, but you'll need to clean your watch and strap regularly to make sure no unwanted dirt, grime, or bacteria get on your wounds. Designed to clean your watch and strap weekly. I find it works well to have several shoulder straps that can be easily swapped.

Watches with a water resistance of more than 100 meters can be cleaned with cleaning fluid and running water. Still, for those with less water-resistant watches, a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution will suffice (This is a great kit that I recommend from Amazon).

You can also clean the strap with soap, running water and a used toothbrush. Make sure your strap and watch are dry before putting them on!

Take off your watch while showering or exercising

If the watch is to be worn, it should be removed when showering and exercising. Exercise makes you sweat, and you can be terrible at trying to keep moisture and germs at bay.

So I would proceed with caution (no pun intended) and remove the watch near water. In my personal experience, I've noticed that rubber bands tend to collect water after a shower. And if you use a belt made of a fabric-like material, it easily absorbs water and sweat, acting like a sponge.

You can wear or use metal bracelets as I said in the previous points because they don't collect much water and are easy to clean. Still, you'll want to take off your watch anyway!

Find out if you are allergic

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Although uncommon, some people are allergic to metals such as nickel, cobalt, copper, and sometimes even gold! according tomedical radio, allergies to metals affect 10% to 15% of the population, so it's actually more common than I thought. If your watch contains metals you're allergic to, it'll be even worse as it will show on your newly made tattoo.

In addition, your straps can also cause allergies. Some people may be allergic to common materials such as rubber, leather, polyurethane (vegan leather), and resins. Rosin is particularly hard to avoid because almost everythingG-Shock watches are made of resinand similar materials.

I wore a NATO watch strap a few years ago and I was allergic to the glue they used to hold the strap. I got bumps all over my body and my skin was red and itchy. In hindsight, I probably should have paid more for better quality, butI can't buy a time machine on Amazon and go back in time, Great!

If you get a rash, hives, or any such allergic reaction to a tattoo, talk to your doctor, because it's not fun to deal with (ask how do I know)! Learn from my mistakes and buy it

consult a professional

Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to consult a professional! This person can be your experienced tattoo artist or a board certified physician. I am lucky to have them in my circle of friends!

Your tattoo artist is probably your best bet as they are the ones who will do the tattoo for you, and don't be afraid to call them if you have any questions. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you.

Choosing After-Tattoo Care Products

If you want to be on the safe side, I recommend using specialized products to make sure your tattoo heals properly. My friend has been using the Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare since he got the sleeve and he told me this stuff works!

It helps reduce itching and keeps your skin well hydrated. My friend said other brands he tried were too oily and this one was just right. Not to mention it smells great, according to him!

For those vegans out there, this cream is also vegan (despite the name). If you want a safe and comfortable treatment experience,Check out Hustle Butter on Amazon


In conclusion, based on extensive research and personal accounts, it is okay to wear a watch every day after your tattooed skin has healed. However, be careful when wearing it while the tattoo is healing. If you decide to wear one during that time, take all precautions and follow the tips I've provided!

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