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Cute pregnancy quotes and sayings: In most cases, we tend to assume that the pregnancy is normal. We don't look at what the woman is going through and how it changes her life.

Life is more than an experience for a woman, it goes through many phases. There is often fear, anxiety, pain, and joy in bringing a new human being into the world.

Today we are looking at cute pregnancy quotes. It is most exciting when a woman finds out that she is pregnant and cannot wait to break the news to her partner, especially when they have been expecting a baby.

Find short pregnancy phrases to share on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. These pregnancy phrases will also stimulate your creativity and allow you to create beautiful pregnancy phrases.


cute pregnancy quotes

Pregnancy is a moment in which you give yourself completely and take care of what is not seen in order to bring life to the world.

Pregnancy will make you realize how important life is and why it should always be protected.

Pregnancy is a period of life when you realize how important life is.

Before you were born they carried you inside me. Now that you have been born you are always in your heart.

Pregnancy is the process of caring for and giving birth to life.

You will never understand families until you carry yours for nine months and share your life with them.

Life is beautiful when you are always waiting for something to happen in life and bring new life into the world.

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The strongest fighter in the world is a woman. She can protect and care for the child from the first day of pregnancy.

The joy of pregnancy consists in loving the baby and anticipating the day of delivery.

The beauty of pregnancy is watching you transform and come alive in nine months.

Having a baby inside is one of the best things in life, it explains how powerful nature is.

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Beautiful phrases about pregnancy.

In pregnancy two bodies, one lives in the other. One depends on the other. One is so committed to taking care of the other and making sure that life comes into the world in a healthy way.

Being pregnant is life changing; Every day is an incredible journey that will completely change the way you see life. It makes you think about your future and the new being you have inside.

You carry a baby in your womb for nine months and in your arms for three good years or more and then in your heart forever.

You can never know the struggle a mother goes through every day if you have never had a baby.

Being pregnant allows you to bring new possibilities into the world.

Pregnancy determines the life of a woman, shows how powerful and strong her body and mind are.

It feels so weird when something grows in your stomach. There is nothing in this world that compares to the love you have for the little one that lives inside of you.

Pregnancy is like having someone share your pain, your heart, your joy for nine months before you see them.

The first day you realize you are pregnant is the beginning of many feelings in your life before the baby is born.

The woman is the one who knows and understands the pain of raising a child.

Pregnant Quotes and Sayings

Being pregnant is nice. It is a dangerous and beautiful phase in life.

What beauty and joy to be pregnant.

There are blessings in bringing a child into this world. You will never lack food.

What a beauty, do not be afraid or sad, feel proud to bring a human being into this world. It's great to be pregnant.

It doesn't matter if you are a rich woman or a poor woman, we all get pregnant.

You won't even notice how time flies when you're pregnant.

Every day I get rounder and rounder. I wonder what you will do in this world.

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When you decide to get pregnant, it is a lifelong decision that your heart will always leave your body.

When you are pregnant you become one with what is inside of you, feeling your joy and your pain.

This pregnancy changed my personality; every day is a new experience. It is an incredible life experience.

It is impossible to know how much you will protect the little one that grows inside of you. The bond they share grows stronger every day.

With the pregnancy, I am sure that your life will never be the same again. It's time to adapt to the situation.

Inspirational Quotes About Pregnancy

Being pregnant is the beginning of many impossibilities for a woman. Always remember that nothing is impossible.

Nothing can conquer a mother's love for her child, it all starts during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, you can already feel the happiness, the bond that will always exist between the two of you.

No matter what gender the child is, it is a blessing from God. He is the giver of all and has better plans for the child.

Let your child know what you expect from him during pregnancy, because after the birth he will have another new character.

Do not let fears and worries about what will take the child most of the time. Enjoy the beauty and the moment with your child as he grows into you.

There may be ups and downs during pregnancy, but you have to be strong for the fetus.

Only mothers understand the pain and struggles of bringing a child into this world. It is a life that is worth everything.

The kings, the presidents, the great people of the world, the wise, the rich, the poor and everyone in the world has been at some point in the body of a woman. Do not hide the pregnancy, be proud of what you carry inside.

There are days when you feel weak. It seems like you are failing at being a good mom, but there is always someone inside of you that always reminds you that you can do it.

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funny pregnant quotes

My stomach is full and it has not been an easy day. I can't believe I have to do it again tomorrow.

All eyes are on my stomach. I don't see anything weird, it's just a pregnancy.

This is the most beautiful child in the world. Please let me through, don't stare at my stomach.

When you're on a diet, I want to eat as much as I can. This pregnancy is no joke.

My months have been the longest since I got pregnant. It is as if a month had about 100 days.

Pregnancy is a real beauty, I hope you enjoy it.

When you are pregnant, the first attraction is the belly, which looks more like a sailboat.

You are the reason for this pregnancy, can we celebrate that?

Nice pregnancy phrases for facebook.

The best thing about motherhood is finding a part of yourself separate from yourself and a part you can't live without.

Gaining weight only takes nine months, but the joy of being a mother lasts forever.

Let's normalize pregnancy; There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Life is filled with happiness when you anxiously await the birth of a new being.

Being pregnant helps you find your true self.

Being pregnant is not a curse; brings the joy of bringing life to the world.

A new baby gives new meaning to life.

Pregnancy makes you appreciate life.


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