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If you like Roman numerals and sometimes use them instead of Arabic numerals, thenRoman numeral tattooMeaning with different style should be your cup of tea.

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The origin of the Roman numeral system lies in ancient Rome.

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Here the numbers are not presented as in the Arabic system, but the Latin alphabet is used to demonstrate them. The system has seven fixed-value symbols and generally follows the decimal system, in which numbers are written in tens, hundreds, and thousands notation.

Roman numeral tattoos have become very popular lately as they look mysterious and unique than traditional numerals. Not only does it represent a rich historical heritage, but it can range from universal to extremely personal importance.

Roman numeral feather tattoos

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (2)

This roman numeral tattoo is gaining popularity due to the different meanings it carries. Mainly done in black ink, the tattooing takes up considerable space and it is done on the chest, back, arm or legs. Now when a feather is added to a tattoo it mostly represents the tribal nature of the tattoo design and can be used with the infinity sign or as a dream catcher and many other cool ideas.

The feather tattoo also represents freedom, strength, wisdom and power. And when fused with Roman numerals, they can serve both as a cool tattoo design and as a backup for the qualities of strength, wisdom, and power that were key elements of the Roman Empire itself. This roman numeral tattoo design is popular among both men and women.

Roman numerals chest tattoo

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (3)

One of the boldest and most striking places in nature, this tattoo combined with Roman numerals is a fantastic combination. The one with a tattoo on his chest primarily means that he is not afraid of anything and will always face everything with courage. It became a symbol of male power and strength. The color palette for the Roman numerals on the chest is predominantly black, but other colors can also be used.

The Roman numerals tattooed on the chest literally and symbolically show something close to your heart. Especially any memorable date in Roman numerals can be boldly embellished on the chest or combined with other motifs such as flowers or clocks. Since this is an important part of the body and the tattoo is quite large by nature, it is not for everyone. It is quite high on the pain scale and can cause great discomfort, which is not recommended by the tattoo artist for those who are entering the world of tattooing.

Roman numeral cross tattoo

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (4)

The story of the crucifixion of Jesus and the meaning of the symbol of the cross are known all over the world. People who are ardent followers of Christianity often get cross tattoos on their bodies. The choice of ink is mostly black and can come in a variety of sizes depending entirely on who is receiving it.

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Now, when Roman numerals are added to the cross, several elements come into play. It can act as a contrasting and challenging statement since it was the Romans who crucified Jesus. This roman numeral tattoo design can also serve as a tribute and honor that the tattoo artist pays to their faith. Last but not least, it can be used to commemorate a deceased person.

Roman numerals tattoo on collarbone

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (5)

The meaning of the roman numeral tattoo on the collarbone is quite simple, as is the location of the choice itself. Dates of great importance can be painted on both collarbones or both, depending on the person doing it. This is an unusual place of choice for making Roman numeral tattoo designs and is mostly done when other areas of the body are already covered.

The ink color is mostly black and these roman numeral tattoos are popular among men. Aside from being used to mark important dates, it can also serve as body art in its own way. Not everyone is advised to do this roman numeral design as it can be extremely painful as it is done directly on the bone.

Roman numeral clock tattoo

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (6)

From representing an elementary concept of time to representing life and death, this Roman numeralClockTattoo design is simple but elegant. They can be done in black or colored ink and the preferred locations are forearm, calf, back and chest. Well, different clock tattoos with roman numeral designs represent different things.

When a sundial is made with Roman numerals, it represents the clock as one of the oldest inventions of human civilization dating back to the Sumerians, when made in a fused manner, it represents illusion or strong experience of time, and when made with a pendulum clock shows nostalgia. It can also be made by people to symbolize a specific date and time that is of great importance to them, such as: B. the birth time of their children or their wedding date. Roman numeral tattoos also remind people how fleeting time is and how important it is to spend that time with loved ones.

Roman numerals forearm tattoo

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (7)

The forearm is considered to be one of the most versatile places to paint any design of your choosing. When roman numeral tattoos are done on forearm, they bloom like wildflowers and look beautiful. Now this arm tattoo can be done in traditional black ink or multiple colors and placement can be on the forearm or the upper arm.

Arm tattoo design can have as little as one Roman numeral to several and can depict many different elements. From representing a specific date like someone’s birth date to paying homage to someone, one can make these ideas come true with this tattoo design. Popular with both men and women alike, one thing to keep in mind when inking these tattoo ideas is that something personal needs to be done to add volume to the personality of the tattoo artist.

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Rose tattoo with roman numerals

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (8)

Flower design is one of the most customizable designs that can be combined with different elements to extract a variety of meanings.RosaRoman numeral tattoos are very popular among both men and women. The color of pink ink can range from red to blue, but Roman numerals are most often executed in black ink.

Pink has been the symbol of grace, beauty, love, and affection for many centuries, and when given Roman numerals, they represent important dates. The pink roman numeral tattoo can show a person's wedding date and is mostly done with a clock to indicate eternity of love, it can represent an important person's birth dates and any special date that the tattoo artist holds dear.

small tattoo with roman numerals

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (9)

From being used as body art to marking an important date, this Roman Numeral design is designed with minimalism in mind. Clean and simply done, they look super cool on the wrist, neck, knuckles, and fingers of the person who tattooed them. The concept less is more is implemented here and the number of digits can vary from one to multiple.

The small number symbols make a statement just like the big picture and are mostly done by people who want to get a tattoo but don't show it to everyone all the time. People who have certain jobs can be prevented from getting big tattoos, so choose these small but elegant designs that you can cover up with your shirt or pants, depending on where you got it.

Roman numeral wrist tattoo

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (10)

The wrist tattoo is considered to be one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world and it can be done either on the lower part of the wrist or on the front part. The instant visibility of the tattoo makes it both awe-inspiring and a work of beauty. The size of the tattoo varies from very small to small and it can also be easily covered by clothing, jewelry and watches.

Roman numerals tattooed on the wrist can represent different elements. They can be someone's first tattoo or represent important dates in a person's life, or some can even be tattooed with your own birthday. Back in ancient times, wrist tattooing was believed to be a way of radiating spiritual energy. They became a fashion statement and were later painted by adventurers and sailors alike. Wrist design also became a symbol of sexuality in the 1950s and 60s. The choice of ink for the roman number tattoo design depends entirely on the person receiving it and can range from a simple black color to various shades.

Roman numeral tattoo for couple dates

101 Best Roman Numeral Tattoo Meanings – Everything You Need to Know! - Outsons (11)

This is one of the more personal tattoos on this particular tattoo list. When people are in a relationship for a long time, they want to create something that will stay with them forever and what better way than to get yourself a couple tattoo. They can be done as a tattoo on the rib or neck and sometimes even on the wrist and the choice of ink is mostly black. Depending on the position of the tattoo, the size of the Roman numerals varies from small to medium.

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The date written with digits can indicate several important events such as: B. the wedding date, the date the couple met, or the birth of their first child. Sharing these dates with someone special and getting them tattooed is the best way to show love for each other.

Although the Roman numeral system was replaced by Arabic because of its simplicity, it is not yet obsolete. It has been used by tattoo artists and tattoo lovers for their design because of its majestic and magnificent appearance.

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