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The perfect Instagram username is the perfect combination of creativity and simplicity.

One of the most important components of branding your Instagram profile is your Instagram username.

There are plenty of Instagram business pages and personal accounts that have found the perfect Instagram username. If you want to stand out from the crowd, win the Instagram marketing game and be wildly successful, you need to start by choosing a winning Instagram username.

Don't know where to start? In this article, we have collected the best tips and Instagram username ideas so that you can choose the best one for your Instagram profile.

  • What is an Instagram username?
  • Instagram username ideas
    • Cute Instagram username ideas
    • Good Instagram username ideas
    • Funny Instagram Username Ideas
    • Cool usernames for Instagram
    • Instagram girls usernames
    • Instagram username of the boy
    • dog Instagram username
    • Instagram username of the photographer
    • Baddie Instagram username
    • Savage Instagram usernames
    • Aesthetics Instagram username
  • How do you choose the perfect Instagram username?
  • What should you do if your Instagram username is already taken?
  • What not to do when choosing an Instagram username?
  • Instagram username is not available
  • How to Change Instagram Username?
  • Using analytics to assess the impact of Instagram usernames and their content
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Usernames

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What is an Instagram username?

Your Instagram username is the name you use to define your profile address on Instagram.

Picking the perfect Instagram username can be a daunting task, but with a little creativity and some great Instagram name ideas, you can come up with an Instagram username that truly represents your unique personality and interests.

The best Instagram names are the ones that are easy to remember, catchy and reflect your personal brand or niche. Whether you're looking for an Instagram name that fits your interests, or want to use clever puns or puns for your Instagram username, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Once you've found the perfect Instagram name, create a cohesive and visually appealing biography that will stand out from the millions of other Instagram usernames out there.

Character limit for Instagram usernames

The character limit for Instagram usernames is30 signs,And must not exceed the character limit.

Comparison of Instagram handles. Instagram username vs Instagram link

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (1)

Instagram username is just your Instagram username.

Also known as your Instagram link, your Instagram handle appears at the end of your profile page address:


That's why we can write

Instagram account = Instagram username = Instagram link

An example of an Instagram username is @statusbrew.

So the next time someone asks for your Instagram username, just send them your Instagram link or tell them your Instagram username.

Both work.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (2)

Instagram username vs Instagram display name

Your Instagram username and display name are two different things. So don't confuse these two!

Your Instagram display name appears below your profile icon on mobile and right below your Instagram username on desktop. It doesn't have to be unique, and you can even add emoji or special characters to spice things up.

Instagram usernames, on the other hand, appear at the very top of your Instagram profile. This is your unique identifier. Special characters are not allowed here. Only letters, periods, numbers, or underscores may be used.

Instagram username rules

When choosing a username, keep these Instagram username basics in mind.

  • Instagram username isnot case sensitive,That is, @STATUSBREW and @statusbrew point to the same place.
  • attemptAvoid multiple consecutive underscores and numbers(unless they are part of your brand).
  • Always choose an Instagram usernameAvailable on all desired social platforms,And use the same spelling and spacing across all platforms.
  • concise and easy to rememberThe most important thing when choosing an Instagram username. While coffee brand Starbucks likes to use @YourNumber1CoffeePlace, @starbucks is definitely easier to tag.

Instagram username ideas

Struggling to choose the perfect username when signing up for your Instagram account? Or do you want to change your current Instagram username to something else, but are currently out of ideas for an Instagram username? A unique Instagram name can help you stand out on the platform and attract more followers.

Here you will find more than 100Instagram username ideasFor each category:

Cute Instagram username ideas

Everyone likes to be cute. Finding a name that fits your Instagram content is very important. That's why we've put together a list of fun Instagram usernames. Choose your own.

  • @real life
  • @sleepytinker
  • @hippiesunshine
  • @Sync
  • @bugheadlover
  • @boterkoek
  • @just the way you are
  • @Queen
  • @missielucky
  • @Engel
  • @fascinated
  • @fairfresh
  • @verselime
  • @pink joke
  • @tulipwind

Good Instagram username ideas

A good Instagram name should be easy to remember, reflect your personal brand or interests, and stand out from the millions of other users on the platform. So don't be afraid to get creative with your username!

In the real world, we are always drawn to good names, and the same goes for Instagram usernames. So, here are some suggestions for great Instagram username ideas that will turn heads and get you more engaged.

  • @born2pizza
  • @nieuwsdeal
  • @witstorm
  • @ Mouth of Mexico
  • @honeystarssunshine
  • @cute sugar
  • @ double butterfly
  • @kleine orang-oetan
  • @pokie
  • @cute pixel
  • @stilldancer
  • @compactracer
  • @ subtitle master
  • @magenta
  • @the mist

Funny Instagram Username Ideas

Some humorous usernames have also attracted a lot of attention on Instagram. Here you will find our hand-picked collection of funny Instagram username ideas that you can use to get more followers. Choose your profile from the list to make your profile more interesting and humorous.

  • @punchwit
  • @ handsome banana
  • @little pony
  • @magiepie
  • @zandsay
  • @angry pie
  • @awkwardcookie
  • @lipstick forever
  • @kinginkong
  • @luckymuis
  • @harthacker
  • @ beautiful potato
  • @helrider
  • @make-upkoningin
  • @cyberwarrior

Cool usernames for Instagram

In the world of social media, everyone wants to look cool, and making your social accounts cooler is the current need. Here is a collection of cool Instagram usernames that you can use for your Instagram account to wow your audience with a refreshing Instagram profile.

  • @angelheart
  • @webwarrier
  • @ Beauty Technology
  • @gunhawk
  • @babynative
  • @Munt
  • @crazyanyone
  • @白蜜
  • @planetzoom
  • @roodroom
  • @badcaptain
  • @RigScott
  • @player story
  • @mindrose
  • @facer_racer

Instagram girls usernames

We know that your username is more than a label; it expresses who you are, what you love and what you stand for. Let's take a look at this list of artistic Instagram girl usernames that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • @Rare us
  • @ Twilight queen bee
  • @lilcutie
  • @tragischmeisje
  • @hotcupids
  • @prinsesfuzzie
  • @girlregnala
  • @angel snowflake
  • @butterscotchseven
  • @kinen
  • @热宝贝
  • @cutiebun
  • @rainbowzoet
  • @dazzledsweetie
  • @cupcakehugs

Instagram username of the boy

Are you a boy and looking for the best Instagram name for your profile? Search no further! Here are some cool usernames you can include on your profile to get noticed.

Or you can try a cool username that doesn't necessarily contain your name. Bold and eye-catching, these usernames featuring your name are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement on Instagram.

Go ahead, choose an Instagram name that best suits your personality and style, and watch your followers grow!

  • @beanneverseen
  • @Billy Hills
  • @mist morse
  • @texastiger
  • @surfscooter
  • @farracer
  • @slangsuper
  • @losserbad
  • @Big Ben
  • @racerparty
  • @LondonLion
  • @ Alien brain
  • @liferacer
  • @gamersimmer
  • @lijstmist

dog Instagram username

For those of you looking for Instagram username ideas for your dog, remember that the best Instagram names reflect a dog's breed or unique traits. A cool username that represents a dog's personality or interests can also build a loyal following and connect with other dog lovers on the platform.

For dog owners, using the right Instagram name can be a fun way to showcase their furry friends. Here are some of the best Instagram username ideas for dog lovers to build a community around their love of dogs. Whether it's a description of their breed or a mention of their favorite activity, the possibilities for dog names on Instagram are endless!

  • @小猫女士
  • @luvbentley
  • @gizmosadventures
  • @zoë
  • @milomeetsworld
  • @金生活
  • @thechihuahuas
  • @allpaws
  • @poochventures
  • @defavorietecase
  • @chasethetail
  • @bridger
  • @thecaninecollective
  • @ Super dog
  • @awaggingtaart

Instagram username of the photographer

If you are looking for Instagram username ideas for a photographer, the best Instagram names are the ones that are memorable, catchy and reflect your style and brand. Whether it's a joke about their name or a reference to their favorite camera, a unique Instagram name is a great way for photographers to get noticed on the platform and gain a following.

Here are some cool usernames that represent your personal brand and can also help build credibility and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • @shutterup
  • @lensstudio
  • @picturesque
  • @tartsylens
  • @pinupfotografie
  • @mycityscapesnaps
  • @charmlens
  • @shutterbug
  • @happylens
  • @cameratas
  • @Photography Alien
  • @fotografienub
  • @magischefotografie
  • @snapshot life
  • @photo Safari

Baddie Instagram username

Catchy bad guy usernames are especially popular among young people and can be a fun way to express your personality and connect with like-minded people on Instagram. If you're struggling to come up with a catchy bad guy username for your Instagram account, try incorporating these username ideas.

  • @kinen
  • @gold tube
  • @orangesplash
  • @elegante punt
  • @event earner
  • @metalhead
  • @thetechguy
  • @icegeek
  • @ no brain cat
  • @ bank king
  • @zielenjacht
  • @ticklestar
  • @vrededude
  • @awesome
  • @bornconfused

Savage Instagram usernames

Cheeky Instagram usernames can be fun, edgy, or downright daring. Wild Instagram usernames can also include clever puns, puns, or pop culture references to add an extra layer of creativity and humor to your profile.

There are so many great names on Instagram, it's hard to pick just one! If you want to make a statement with your Instagram username, the Instagram usernames below might be just what you need to stand out from the crowd and showcase your bold and confident personality.

  • @kleinTexas
  • @ Wow Wow
  • @beautiful devil
  • @dramagraaf
  • @brainyclicks
  • @extra loud
  • @imported meaning
  • @bountybanaan
  • @sliding gold
  • @headboxing
  • @smartcalifornia
  • @silentjazz
  • @Hello and bye
  • @wensvis
  • @bestinbad

Aesthetics Instagram username

Creating an aesthetically pleasing username is an art form that requires ingenuity and attention to detail. That's why, inspired by influencers, trendsetters and creative minds, we've put together a list of the most beautiful Instagram usernames to do some legwork for you.

  • @caramelopcorn
  • @ Boterpopcorn
  • @cheese fries
  • @nutellastrawberry
  • @chocolate fudge
  • @wafelkoekjes
  • @funny rabbit
  • @cherryroom
  • @maccheese
  • @pepperkalt
  • @chunkypeanut
  • @peanut butter
  • @marshmallowchocolade
  • @criticcrash
  • @dagwatt
  • @apenguinhope
  • @vriesslip

How do you choose the perfect Instagram username?

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (3)

Choosing the perfect Instagram username can be a challenge. Some people don't care about their Instagram username at all; others get too creative with it.

You need to find the right mix between creativity and simplicity to find the perfect Instagram username. So here are some tips you can use to choose one.

Choose the one that is relevant to your niche

Do you want to create a username for InstagramRecognizable and relevantOnly from the point of view of appearance. Also, try to keep it professional and choose words that are meaningful and easy to understand.

Don't use random words as they come across as unprofessional and can ruin your image with your followers. In addition, using seemingly meaningless words in their Instagram usernames shows that they don't really care about their Instagram page.

On the other hand, choosing words that are meaningful and related to your brand niche will encourage your target audience to follow you by reading your Instagram username.

Find out how Tropicana, an American multinational fruit drink brand, uses the word "juice" in its Instagram username.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (4)

Image source:Tropicana Instagram

avoid extra characters

Avoid using too many extra characters, or no characters at all, in your Instagram username. Try to keep your Instagram username as simple as possible. Avoid periods, underscores, or numbers unless necessary.

The perfect Instagram username isA single word with no special characters.

Unfortunately, most of them are already taken, as the number of Instagram accounts exceeds 1 billion. However, that doesn't mean you can't pick a good Instagram username for your brand.

If you have no choice but to add special characters, such as underscores or periods, try to keep it to a minimum. When thinking of an Instagram username, try to think outside the box. But don't be too creative. Otherwise you look weird.

Optimize Instagram SEO

To ensure that your Instagram profile is easily searchable for your audience, make sure that your Instagram username is well optimized according to SEO rules. Here are some basic steps to follow:

step 1:Make sure yourmain keywordin your Instagram username. It makes your Instagram account appear in the search results for suggested accounts when someone searches for your niche content. For example, if you sell cupcakes, you can include the word "bakery" in your Instagram username.

Step 2:The best Instagram usernames areBe unique, short and easy to read.Avoid overly complex words. Your audience needs to understand what this means.

For example, @freshbakery is a better Instagram username than @delectablecakes. That's because people search for the word "fresh" rather than "delicious" when it comes to cake.

Step 3:Avoid including irrelevant special characters, such as hashtags or emoji, or irrelevant numbers in your Instagram username. For example, @cool$$xoxogirl might look classy. But the chances of such an Instagram username appearing in search results are nil, and they also look spammy.

Step 4:Instagram usernames must be written in the language of your target audience and within the character limit.

Matches your username on other social networks

Before finalizing a particular Instagram username, make sure it's the same as your other social accounts.

Why you should use a consistent username across all social platforms

  • Once people discover you on one platform, they can easily find you on other social networks as well.
  • Your followers can easily share your content across all social media platforms by tagging you with a single username.
  • A consistent username looks professional and authentic.

Customize the personality and mood of your content

When choosing an Instagram username for your profile, keep an open mind for brainstorming. let go of yoube creative and have funCome up with new ideas. Make sure there's at least one word in your Instagram username that's relevant to what you're posting.

For example, see how an Instagram account devoted to houseplant inspiration chose 'plantindecor' as its username.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (5)

Image source:botanical decoration instagram

Make sure your usernametell a story.For example, @comfortingtales would be a good Instagram username for a profile that posts short stories and poems. It is well described with words like 'comfort' and 'story' describing the vibe you can feel and get from that profile.

make it memorable

It doesn't matter if you post cute animal photos or travel content; there will be thousands of similar accounts in the same niche.

Aside from the content you post, what sets your Instagram account apart from the rest? It's a fun and easy to remember username.

For example, the Instagram username for a beauty and cosmetics page is @narsissist, which is unique and similar to the page's "self-esteem" tone.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (6)

Image source:NARS Cosmetica Instagram

What should you do if your Instagram username is already taken?

In this case you can do the following:

Add aa small changeAn Instagram username that you define, such as an underscore or a period, or additional keywords related to your niche.

For example, if Reach Fitness is a popular fitness brand and the Instagram username @reachfitness is already taken, they can add the word "gym" to their Instagram username for convenience.

What not to do when choosing an Instagram username?

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (7)

We've covered how to choose the perfect Instagram username. Soon we will discuss what not to do.

don't play wrong

be extremely carefultypfout.It will surely ruin the first impression of your brand among followers. However, some people misspell it on purpose. Usually this is because the desired Instagram username is already taken.

For example, some people choose @theartofdaancing because @theartofdancing is busy. However, this can confuse people and make it difficult for people to find you.

Don't use large numbers

Using numbers is not recommended at all unless it's part of your branding. If you must use numbers, don't use a long string of numbers.

For example, @BeautySong1281294 looks like an IG robot username, not just @BeautySong. This is because a long list of numbers can be confusing and confusing. Of course, it is difficult for people to remember all these numbers!

Avoid using too many underscores

Underscores look good in Instagram usernames, especially instead of spaces. For example, @qll_art and @me_and_orla make good use of underscores. Apparently they decided to use the underline instead of resorting to an Instagram username without the underline because the IG username they wanted was already taken.

However, Instagram usernames like @our_adventure_is_never_over don't look so pretty with so many underlines. Plus, it's clear they picked up on this because @ouradventureisneverover is already taken.

Instagram username is not available

If the Instagram username you want isn't available, you can add periods, numbers, underscores, or abbreviations to specify a similar username that isn't already in use. Use an Instagram username generator or choose from the Instagram username ideas we've put together for you later in this article.

Instagram username generator

Instagram Username Generator allows you to generate a list of usernames consisting of words chosen from a list of categories. Here is a list of the best Instagram username generators:

How to Change Instagram Username?

Here are the exact steps on how to change your Instagram username:

step 1:Open your Instagram app. go to youprofile page.
Step 2:Click"Edit Profile"choice.
Step 3:inside"user name"section, enter username to change your old Instagram username.
Step 4:crane"completely"On iOS, tap the check mark on Android, or click Submit on mobile browsers and computers.

If your account reaches a lot of people, you may need to change your Instagram usernameInstagram comments.If so, you'll be notified when Instagram has completed the review. Otherwise, if your Instagram username is unique, your Instagram username will be changed immediately and your followers may be notified of your username change.

What happens if I change my Instagram username?

Once you change your Instagram username, your old username will take effect immediatelyresulting in a blank page.Content that previously listed your old Instagram username in the caption no longer references your account; this may cause some followers to be lost. These people may think that your Instagram business profile no longer exists, causing you to lose potential customers.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (8)

Image source:Nike Instagram

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to do thisupdate followersYour Instagram username on another platform changes. Social media may not be the only place this old account exists. Be sure to print your flyer, business card, or other promotional materials along with your Instagram username.

Changing your Instagram username can also have negative consequencesInfluence the number of followers.While it may be better to change your Instagram username for branding purposes, users may not recognize it at first. Followers may reconsider that they are following the wrong account and unfollow you. To avoid this, notify users via message when your Instagram username changes.

Create a special post to promote your new Instagram username and send it to your other accounts!

Can you reuse your previous Instagram username?

Well, the answer ismaybe.

Some previously used Instagram usernames are no longer available. So keep the name if you want, don't go ahead and change it if you can't get rid of it.

If you decide to move on, focus on the things you can control, not the things you can't control.

100+ readymade Instagram username ideas for 2023 [Guide] | State Brew (9)

Image source:Adobe PhotoshopInstagram

Using analytics to assess the impact of Instagram usernames and their content

How do you know if you're using Instagram correctly? How do you know if your perfect Instagram username and the content on your page are working or achieving your goals?

That's why you should check Instagram analytics to see how your posts and overall account are doing.

Instagram gives you built-in analytics, but the main drawback of this native analytics tool is that the metrics you can measure are very limited.

However,Statusbrew's reporting labIts features allow you to dive deeper into your data with over 180 industry-rich metrics.

You can track all the key metrics you need to optimize your Instagram strategy, Instagram campaign performance and analyze post performance. It also allows you to create and export customizable reports to share with your team.

sounds good? Book a free demo now👇

Try Statusbrew

Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and even Google My Business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Usernames

Here are some frequently asked questions about Instagram username ideas:

What is an Instagram account?

An Instagram username is a username that identifies an Instagram account. It is the unique name that appears on Instagram profiles after the "@" symbol and is used to tag or mention other users on the platform.

How do I get an inactive username on Instagram?

Deleted accounts on Instagram cannot be recovered. You can create a new account with the same email address, but you may not get the same Instagram username.

How do I get an Instagram username that is already taken?

You can ask the current owner to change the username, or notify Instagram that the Instagram username has been taken over while the account is inactive.

How many times can you change your Instagram username?

You can change your Instagram username an unlimited number of times at any time. However, if you change your Instagram username too often, you may be signaling a bot account to Instagram, which will get your account banned.


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