10 DIY Temporary Tattoo Ideas: How To Make A Temporary Tattoo (2023)

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Want a cute body craft without permanently piercing your skin? Temporary tattoos are a logical choice. Making a temporary tattoo is easier than you might think, and almost all of the materials and equipment used are readily available at home.

Here are 10 different ways to get temporary tattoos on your skin. Check out these 10 DIY temporary tattoos and thank me later.

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1. 4 ways to make a temporary tattoo

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Tattoos are always beautiful and cool when done right. But to do it right, you need to know the basic steps for getting a tattoo. Here's how to become a DIY tattoo maker: you can choose from three programs: you paint with eyeliner, stencil or print on paper.

When using eyeliner, make sure it is not glossy or greasy. Also pay attention to the tip of the eyeliner, once it becomes blunt and leaves thick, uneven lines, it needs to be sharpened.

Deciding what to draw before starting anything, sketching on a piece of paper can be very effective.

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2. DIY temporary tattoos

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Gel pens can be used for this temporary tattoo, but you have to be careful not to put too much ink on it. Tracing paper or wax paper will work well for the design.

Draw the design on tracing paper, but if you're unsure of your drawing skills, you can sketch the design in pencil before transferring.

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After sketching out your design, cut it out and hold it close to your skin, right where you want your tattoo. Then fix it on the skin with a cloth moistened with warm water. Some tension is needed here.

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3. How to make a temporary tattoo with a pen and toothpaste

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I need a soft and beautiful temporary tattoo. In this guide, they use a very different method than other temporary tattoos.

Here is the detailed method;

Shave the area where you want to get a tattoo - hair free - and then apply a thick toothpaste to the skin. This step helps remove oil from the skin and makes the tattoo last longer on the skin.

Wipe off any excess toothpaste and use a pen to draw a pattern in the area. After this, apply baby powder and smudge it with a rich eyeliner.

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4. DIY temporary tattoo waterproof

I love how the instructor in this video makes her tattoos without actually drawing them. If you don't know how to draw, this is the best idea for you.

She searched online for different tattoo designs, clicked on the one she liked, then put a piece of tracing paper on her computer screen and started sketching the design. She then checks the design again with a permanent marker.

She wiped her hands with rubbing alcohol and applied the design with some pressure. After replicating the design on her hand, she went over it with waterproof eyeliner.

5. DIY temporary tattoos

To make this tattoo you will need rubbing alcohol, tissue paper, water, scissors, a printer and perfume.

The steps for making this homemade temporary tattoo are simple and affordable.

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First you need to print the desired design and then clean your hands with rubbing alcohol. Cut out the design and spray it until it is saturated with fragrance. Soak it in water for three minutes, take it out after three minutes and press it with your hands.

6. DIY temporary tattoos with a printer

Aren't you curious about how to use a printer to get a tattoo? This approach is inspired by two ideas from Tik Tok. The teacher mixed both ideas to make his version, and it works really well.

The first idea was to print the design on a piece of paper. Trim the design and soak it in perfume. Then put it in water for three minutes, then take it out and spray more perfume on it.

Spray the perfume on your hand where you want to tattoo, place the wet design on top and apply pressure for a few minutes. As soon as you take it off, the design is already on you.

7. How to make a temporary tattoo

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You will love this tattoo on your hands or wherever you draw it. Because the method used is very different from other methods like printing and using eyeliner.

Here are the unusual surprising steps:

Gather basic materials such as sharps, baby powder, alcohol wipes, and liquid bandages. Clean the area where you want the tattoo with rubbing alcohol and wipe it down, this will allow the tattoo to stay in the skin longer and adhere to the skin. Draw the design with a marker and you're good to go.

It's simple, affordable and beautiful.

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8. Safe DIY Temporary Tattoos

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Tattoos done by crafty artists are beautiful. Did you see the floral pattern on that hand? It looks simple and beautiful.

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There are several ways to make this beautiful tattoo. You can use a marker or printer, eyeliner, or some household items. You can choose any method that is convenient for you. For me, the method of using eyeliner is the best.

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9. DIY Perfume Temporary Tattoo

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Tattoos are a new trend among middle aged people. It's beautiful, and it says something about the wearer. Do you want to know what it is? This is class!

This tattoo is done with perfume. It doesn't have to be a big expensive perfume like Dior, you can use children's perfume right away, it costs only $10 or up to $30.

Buy the perfume and read the detailed steps and instructions to make it in the link below.

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10. 5 Minute Temporary Tattoo

You don't have to wait the whole world to get a tattoo, you can take advantage of that five minute break.

For this temporary tattoo you only need 5 minutes of ink pads and powder.

Use a pen to draw thick, even lines. Using absorbent cotton, powder over the design and check the design again with a pen. Just repeat these steps one more time.


you've got it! 10 Cute Temporary Tattoo DIYs. They are cheap and simple. Each idea gives you the opportunity to adapt the approach to your own liking. If you have any questions or contribute to this post, feel free to use the comments section below.

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